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Everyone has experiences. Many lose money making mistakes. This blog is to ask those who have an 8′ × 6′
glass house, with a small inexpensive reliable heater to use when the temperature goes below 0 deg.C., to relate the detail for beginners. NOT lots of different ideas. Just sensible reliable information within budget.

Everyone needs staging (£75 each for metal) Best to have 2 sections of staging, leaving one side with height for Tomatoes and other plants that need cane supports.

. Beginners have to learn the lower staging shelf cannot be used for plants. They need light. Lengths of fleece sufficient to cover all crops at night. Watering can with a fine rose. Small watering can. I find plastic ‘bakers trays’ useful on the lower staging shelf to store
Plant Foods, Slug pellets, Plant Label box, small tools, raincoat etc. Horticultural Grit Sand can be stored under the staging out of the way. If the house has a shelf spare plant pots can be washed, left to dry overnight, and stored upside down in different sizes. Drip saucers can be stored underneath in large polythene bags.
An approaching birthday is useful to suggest suitable presents from the family, within budget. Make a very helpful starter collection.

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Hi Diane, I would suggest that if you have staging with 2 levels, that you use gravel trays on the top section, so that when you water, it doesn't all run down onto whatever is stored on the bottom level, as plant foods etc can soon get damp and become unusable, or tools can soon rust if they get wet, the gravel trays will also help maintain a moister atmosphere in summer, meaning less watering, Derek.

17 Apr, 2016


Thanks Derek. I use trays in the greenhouse, but never thought of putting gravel in them. Saving newspapers in the greenhouse is also useful, as can be used wet to clean the glass and discarded in the Council bin collection.

17 Apr, 2016


I'd add two things. Fit an automatic vent in the roof and insulate in winter with bubble wrap - you can buy special clips to fix it. Oh and if you are within reach of a power point a fan heater with a thermostat is good as it keeps the air circulating as well as maintaining it above freezing.

17 Apr, 2016


Hi Sue, I never thought to mention vents and heaters, in my 12 x 8 ft greenhouse I have a 6kw propane heater, plus a fan heater on standby just in case the propane runs out in the middle of the night, I have 4 automatic roof vents, and 2 side vents manually operated, plus the bubble wrap for winter, Derek.

18 Apr, 2016


Ah yes, but you have a veritable stately home of a greenhouse Derek....

18 Apr, 2016


I have tried to buy the Bubble Wrap clips, no luck at my GC. Can we have a name please ?
Derek's heating arrangement is probably beyond a woman living on her own. A simple heater for someone without technical help, getting an 8'x6' greenhouse without a electric socket to plug into would be idea.
Alternatively the Bubble Wrap clips a better option.
Hope our 2016 crop of beginners are writing all this down.

19 Apr, 2016


I forgot to mention that often people who want to get rid of a glass greenhouse advertise it for free, buyer collect.
This will save you £200. Worth thinking about.

19 Apr, 2016


Sorry I don't remember the clips having a name. Its 10 years since I had a greenhouse. But there are lots advertised on Amazon.

19 Apr, 2016


Thanks Stera.

20 Apr, 2016


Hi Diane, just put bubble wrap fixings for greenhouse into google, there are loads of ads on there, you can also get extenders which hold the bubble wrap away from the glass, but be careful, some sites charge more for delivery than they do for the item, Derek.

20 Apr, 2016


Hi Sue, that made me laugh, Derek.

20 Apr, 2016

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