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'Money for nothing' with the enthusiastic Sarah


is not exactly correct in title. I enjoy watching it very much, but would never embark on the expensive restorations that she does in the hope of selling an item on. The restorers are all very happy in their work, which is a bonus.

However, items other people would take to the tip CAN
be used in the garden.

I reconstitute all my old compost with Gerbil litter, all their chewed up cardboard, horticultural washed sand, Fish, Blood and Bone Fertiliser Granules, in an old council
unwanted paper box. Only bought 2 bags of peat based
new compost in 12 months.

I drilled drainage holes in an old

wheelbarrow, and planted it up with Alpines.

I put an unwanted wine bottle rack in amongst my Grasses. Very effective art form.

I bought a bird cage for £1 and used it every year to grow a Fuchsia. The base has now split, so throw it away, never! I put the base in the bin, and the upper part over another plant on the garden. Looks just as good.

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The older I get the more I hate waste Diane, I'm always thinking what can I use it for or what can I make out of it! as for that tv host Sarah Moore some of it is hit and miss did you see the petrol can light lol

10 May, 2016


I agree with you Scotsmanvic about hating waste and about the petrol can! Some of the re-vamps on the programme make you wonder who has the money and inclination to buy them. But there are lots of things that can be used in the garden, the clear plastic trays/containers from strawberries, meat and just about anything else you buy pre-wrapped make ideal mini greenhouse covers for seedlings, clear plastic bottles cut in half fit over flowerpots for the same purpose. My OH's old fishing landing net is going to have the metal oblongs removed and with the addition of three bent metal (also reclaimed) legs will make plant supports for the delphiniums, lupins etc. OH now knows better than to throw anything out before asking if I want it! Back to the programme who can resist seeing what people are throwing out at the start of the programme?

11 May, 2016


one of the best DIY jobs I've seen recently was a modified wheelie bin turned into a wheel barrow

11 May, 2016


I have a 2 ft chrome(?) cd stand in my garden. Useless indoors as well full it topples, but very good in the garden. I originally put it there to stop the hedgehog trampling over my newly planted little Erysimum. I like it though it's going rusty now. Years ago when blue bottles were all the rage I used to stand a few of those in amongst the plants too. Different anyhow!

11 May, 2016


Thanks for all these comments, you reminded me - I now have a wheelie bin fixed under a downpipe on the shed wall.! Always full of rain water.
I didnt see the programme that included the petrol can.

Recommend that Conifers are cut down whilst they are
young. When 40ft high they are a fire hazard, dry as tinder inside. Cost £400 each to be removed professionally.

11 May, 2016


And, of course, Diane...using old/recycled items in the garden makes your garden interesting and different to others' gardens!
I plant up and old galvanised steel bucket most years....not that unusual but stands out from the usual pots and planters.

11 May, 2016


Hop the link works this is the picture of the wheelie bin / wheel barrow

11 May, 2016


Will have a look Scot. Good to hear of the ways members have recycled articles to use in the garden.

12 May, 2016

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