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The interesting thing about worker Bees is


that they navigate their way from a flower rich garden or
meadow, back to the nest or hive, by the sun and the earth’s magnetic field. They have minute brains, and remember the route, flying backwards and forwards along it all day long. That nectar becomes Honey on our tables. We are so lucky.

Please, please, do not use chemical sprays. These do not kill them, they cause their tiny brains to disfunction. They lose their way, cannot find the hive, and die.

They and the Hoverflies transfer Pollen necessary for future plant life. We need every one.

Dave Gourson’s book ‘A Buzz in the Meadow’ is available
quite cheaply from Amazon. Chapter 13 onwards explains all gardeners need to know about Bees. And about the effects of farmer’s chemicals on soil. The solution is in our hands. The gardens we create to replace the lost wild flower rich meadows, and the chemicals we throw in the bin.

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Right On! Due to the weather conditions I have a terrible tick problem in my garden this year and am tempted to use a pesticide to take control of the situation but will not. Other than the beneficial insects I think of the nesting birds and mammals I might affect too.

31 May, 2016


they do a 'waggle dance' the turns and angles they present their body to the hive indicates location of flowers. the dance was deciphered over 80 yrs ago by Karl von Frisch an Austrian. it had been documented well before then, but he grasped the meaning of it.

31 May, 2016


Hope the nesting birds in the garden get rid of the ticks.
I have heard Hornets are awful, really do need the Council
Pest Control in that situation.
Thank SB for the information about Karl Frisch. I have
copied it into my notebook on Bees, as am still learning
about them.

1 Jun, 2016


Loosestrife: It's the black tick that is the one to really avoid : the one the deer carry.

Ticks belong to the spider family so the "pesticide" is referred to as an acaricide. Whatever its name I reckon it would affect bees etc. For me, pesticides/acaricides are out!

Our cat has a monthly dose of Broadline which seems to kill any ticks that attack her. Good job too as we were always having to check our previous cats for ticks. They really are disgusting things. Usually I know if I have caught one as there is a kind of a"tingle". They don't itch until they have been dealt with!

19 Jul, 2016


Pesticide is a generic term in my usage. Though they have their purpose in nature I consider a tick a pest when it is on my property and I saw no need for specifics in my mention of them and I too as I have previously said will not use those means of eradication.

19 Jul, 2016

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