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I read how people get rid of rabbits in France.


They catch one. Kill it. Skin it. Nail the skin up on the
garden fence. The rabbits clear off for a year.

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Oh dear. Luckily we don't have either rabbits or fence....

20 Aug, 2016


Really, I wouldn't have thought that they paid any attention! But...first catch your rabbit!!!

20 Aug, 2016


There used to be 'Gamekeepers' gibbets' years ago.
I dont know if they use them now.

21 Aug, 2016


If the French do that to deter rabbits from entering their property they might try using that same methodology to rid themselves of other problems they are currently having.

21 Aug, 2016


Its just that a Goy member wrote they were infested with rabbits. I cant remember who it was.

21 Aug, 2016


Farmers used to do that with moles.

21 Aug, 2016


Never seen rabbit skins used like that all the years I lived there. Here though I I have seen dead crows hanging up on stakes round the fields.

24 Aug, 2016


This is sounding more like an ancient arcain ritual than a method of repelling animals.

24 Aug, 2016


Does it work with Slugs ?

25 Aug, 2016


Lol Diane - what would yo do -thread several on a little length of twine like a small clothes line?

26 Aug, 2016

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