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I am being kinder to my compost bin from now on.


I am making a better job of sorting waste material that is thinner stemmed, softer leaves, chopping it up into smaller pieces.
Roots or woody stems of any kind, all go into the council recycle bin.
This is because (shame on me) due to illness and the drought, when I was tired I shoved some grass in. It was still there this week, uneaten. I could not find my Brandling Worms – well, I found one.
Also resolved to keep a gallon container of water by the compost bin, so its easy just to open the lid and tip in once a week to keep the material damp. Heatwave or no heatwave.
Hope the Worms come back. They had chewed through half of the bin contents and left me 2 Brickies buckets of lovely seed sowing compost. Their tiny mouths could not cope with coarse grass.
I am so ashamed.

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You did your best Diane, you were really quite poorly, hope the worms return

29 Aug, 2016


It would have rotted down in time Diane. We find lawn mowings get hot easily and tip a boxful in every time we mow the lawn to vary the texture and warm things up.
I don't always see the worms but they must be munching away as we do get compost eventually! I'm sure yours will soon be in evidence again.

So sorry to hear you've not been well - hope you will be able to take things easy for a while until you are fully recovered.

29 Aug, 2016


They'll come back Diane, mine disappear sometimes depending on the weather, hope you are feeling better now, no need to feel ashamed....

29 Aug, 2016


Thank you, understanding friends. I am thinking now that two seperate weed buckets would make it easier to sort the type of material I put in each compost bin. A white one for thin, soft, hand weeded weeds. A Brickie black bucket for the grassy stuff for a seperate bin. I find grass mowings form into a lump. Dont like mixing it in because it disturbs the worms.
It hadnt rotted down, maybe because I didnt water it. I used it for mulching round plants in the heatwave. So it will rot down on the garden.
Also another gallon container to leave by this bin. Use the water on Saturdays, then I will remember.
Thank you Lincs for your encouraging words. It was like
losing pets, when I couldnt find them.

30 Aug, 2016


Hi Diane, sorry to hear you've been unwell, and hope you're fully recovered now.
Grass cuttings alone will just form a solid mass, you have to mix in some larger material to keep it aerated, I put grass cuttings on my compost heap, mixed with shredded shrub prunings, and also turn it regularly, Derek.

30 Aug, 2016


Most of our grass mowings go onto a big heap and after two or three years they have rotted down into very nice compost. (We have far too many for a compost bin_

30 Aug, 2016


I think there should be a Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Brandling Worms. (RSPCBW) They are very soft, have no teeth, and need soft damp material to chew as is their way. Its cruelty to chuck coarse material into their habitat. Its cruelty to let them dry out in heatwaves (I stand guilty as charged). Its cruelty to let them get cold in the winter - I always put plenty in to let them move into the centre of the bin, they feel the cold. I also cover my bin and tie the old sacks on with baling string. It paid off, as they were there chewing away in the Spring. I just let them down in the heatwave.
They produce lovely seed sowing compost free of charge.
Promise not to do it again m'Lud.
Exit chastened Diane.

31 Aug, 2016


Like you Stera we have miles too much grass cutting for a bin, ours too go on a heap with other stuff, chicken cleanings etc. I never turn my heap, the chickens do it for me and we now have one of the huge heaps ready for use. Just need a volunteer to move about 50 barrows full up to the garden - not forthcoming in this house!

1 Sep, 2016


I was doing that last week, though not as many barrowloads as that! Its surprising how far you walk. But even with two grass heaps and four bins there's never enough compost to go round...

1 Sep, 2016


Diane I know what you mean, I remember panicking when I had my first bin and they all disappeared, I too thought I'd killed them, I think it was Alan Titchmarsh on GW who put me right.
Must have been compost week, I too emptied one of mine all over the garden last week, just in time for that mega storm so I was well pleased when the rains came to wash the goodness down, happy as a pig in muck I was, lol.....

1 Sep, 2016


Your post made me feel guilty, Diane. Our compost heap is getting really BIG and I don't think we have any of those special worms chomping away there.

I think I had better do some reading about compost heaps!

Trust you are feeling much better now.

2 Sep, 2016

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