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I still cant find what happened about Paul's dog.


She was very ill the last time we heard.

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Hi Diane,
Do you mean this Paul or was it one of the other Pauls who also had a dog?
Our dog Paddy (he's a boy) has been quite poorly and it would appear that he may have tumor although at the moment the vet is not going to do anything as he's not certain but he is showing a lot of symptoms of it. But, since we changed his diet, he has settled down and he seems happy enough at the moment although, it's clear he is weakening a bit and has lost quite a bit of weight. He is 13 which is, of course , a good age but we just hope he can be happy and not in pain for a while yet. Who knows how long? We are taking him away with us for a fe PC days next week.he won't be able to do all the walking he usually does on holiday but, hopefully he'll enjoy it.

1 Sep, 2016


Yes it was Paddy. Am glad to hear news of him. The end of life comforts are important for animals as for humans.
My son spent a lot of money prolonging the awful day. When it came he was so upset he couldnt go to work. My brother was the same.
He is so lucky he has you both.
I am now sending £5 a month to Medical Detection Dogs
charity. I just put my email address on the back of the cheque. Dont think its a scam. If they dont acknowledge it I wont send anymore.
See website.

2 Sep, 2016


I will have a look Diane.
Hope he will enjoy our five days away next week...I'm sure he will!

2 Sep, 2016


Its all quality of life isn't it Paul
Paddys happy and not in pain, we know when the time comes don't we....
I love to see dogs on the sand, so happy, they seem to have big soppy grins on their faces ?
Hope you all have a good time

2 Sep, 2016


Thanks pam....the events of the last few weeks have made us aware of the situation but, he is still fairlky lively and enjoying life...long may it continue!

3 Sep, 2016

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