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New idea ! Winter approaches.


I had a spare file with 24 extra strong A4 punched pockets.

Searched BBC Recipes for savoury dishes. They are not all suitable for everyone. Some contain ingredients I do not have. Many ingredients lie unused in the cupboard because I do not bother to search out the recipes they can be used for. (Tired after gardening.)

So I found the ones I fancy. Printed them up.
Inserted them in the new folder with the extra bits tucked into the front side so I remember they are there.

Going shopping today, will take the pocket for
Hairy Bikers Really Good Kedgeree in my handbag. Saves
writing lists. At the shop I can take out the recipe, select
the ingredients I havent got. Easy !

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I have a folder started few years back filled with the see through pockets and I use this for my recipes that I've been given or downloaded over the years. The recipes being behind the clear plastic, if I splash while cooking, I can just wipe off :-). Still make my lists, buy pads with a magnet on them so they sit on the fridge door and I just add things during the week when run out or think about it. Have a pen with magnet next to it so can always find it and
God help it anyone runs off with it lol.

16 Sep, 2016


I have just fetched the ingredients for the rest of the recipe. Instead of putting them away and getting them out again, I just put the rest I needed into the same shopping bag.
Left it on the kitchen table. All is ready to start tomorrow morning.
A much easier way of doing it.

16 Sep, 2016


You're very organised Diane.

16 Sep, 2016


and the dish is brilliant. We do a lot of their recipes :o)

16 Sep, 2016


I find taking the recipe to the supermarket so helpful.
They put so many ingredients into their recipes.
It must be very hard for people to memorise them.

16 Sep, 2016


That's a good idea :)

16 Sep, 2016


Thanks Hywel, SB, Paul and Jennie.
The wind has gone round to the North, almost cold enough to put the heating on !

I enjoy looking through and can
add to my recipe collection this winter. Prefer vegetarian recipes.

Starting a 10 week Organic Gardening Class at the new Buccleuch Academy round behind these flats next week,
which will be interesting.

17 Sep, 2016


Another way I have found of using Recipes is to be selective about foods that dont cause body fat and put them in the folder.
'Lighter Fish and Chips' seems a much better way of cooking these favourite foods.
I have never thought of doing this before.

18 Sep, 2016


The Lighter Fish & Chips were nice but I need to get the spray - on type oil. I made the Shortbread Recipe
and cooked it in the oven at the same time - less fat
that the traditional recipes - its nice.

18 Sep, 2016


My daughter keeps the recipes out of her Slimming World mags in folders like you have suggested, not all are suitable for her as she has to be dairyfree and to keep all the mags seems pointless, she uses Frylight Cooking Oil Spray Diane, swears by it...

18 Sep, 2016


I enjoy being selective, and find new recipes are easier if I find they suit me. Its a way of 'targetting' shops, not drifting over to the ready meals counters and be attracted by fancy labels. Also the meals I produce are twice as big and half the cost of factory produced ones.

18 Sep, 2016


I don't use ready made sauces or ready meals. Do have a weakness for a Chinese takeaway now and again. I keep all the plastic containers. I then cook double the amount that we need and use these containers for the leftover, freeze then when there is nights I want a quick meal I have these there. When my daughter was at uni I also used to do the same and also double the amount of veg. She came home at weekends. I got her a good freezer bag and sunday nights before she went back, she went shopping in my freezer :-). I saved her money on food and also then knew she wasn't living on junk food.

19 Sep, 2016

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