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(This is not about gardening.) Winter car care.


If your seat belts keep jumping out of the lock, try putting some WD40 into the lock. Save the cost of £43 for new seat belts.

The frost and snow on the roof melts, it runs down inside the bodywork and drips onto the chassis.
Salted roads splash up on the chassis. Result failed MOT
because the chassis is rusty.
When my engineer has my car over the inspection pit for
MOT I give him a can of black spray Hammerite paint to
spray my chassis and protect it. Worth paying him £30 to do this. He couldnt do it yesterday because the chassis was wet. I have to hope for 2 dry days
then take it back on Saturday hopefully. If it rains tomorrow I cannot do this.
A failed MOT because of a rusty chassis costs the owner
£3,000 at least for another car.
Those who have a garage can keep their car dry.

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we use a waxoyl spray as an undershield on all the classic vehicles we have had over the years.

check the 'running gutters for the rain run off and the rubber seals around windows etc. it shouldn't be getting inside the panels.

1 Dec, 2016


Good advice to look after the chassis Diane. I lost my KA because of a rusty chassis - so much farm mud on localroads, and not possible to spray it off after every journey.

1 Dec, 2016


Thank you Seaburngirl and Steragram. Any other advice
prolong the life of a good car will be very welcome.

1 Dec, 2016


Slowly it dawns. I have now realised, that taking my car to the big car wash 2 days in advance , having the super wash £8.50, I am just forcing more water into the runnels, that runs down the little internal pipes, and drips onto the chassis.
So Dave cant spray it. Its no good getting cross, have to think it out.
I like to take it in a clean state underneath for the MOT.
So in future need to get it washed 4 days in advance, and block the the roof runnels with something to prevent any rainwater/melted frost filtering down onto the chassis.

3 Dec, 2016


Doesn't the chassis get wet anyway when you drive the car on a wet day?

3 Dec, 2016


Its the salted roads in winter months that causes rust.
I used to look for large puddles of rainwater and drive through them to wash underneath. But they would have contained salt.
The Hammerite paint protects the metal against rust.
I am now at peace, knowing my chassis is protected.

I havent seen a Waxoyl Spray, maybe its only available in
the north of England ?

The other thing I have started to do after having to replace 3 Microwave Ovens ......... is to mop my new one out after every use, and leave the door open, so that all moisture
can evaporate and leave the inside completely dry.

3 Dec, 2016


When you go to the seaside, you will see old iron anchors, and other sundry iron articles, lying about on beaches .......
This is caused by winter storms washing salty seawater over them, and salty air.

4 Dec, 2016


I think Halfords sell waxoyl Diane, certainly it is used nationwide by classic car enthusiasts.

4 Dec, 2016


Thanks for that SBG, will remember to check on the Kettering shop.

5 Dec, 2016

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