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To use hoarded garden materials needs a plan.


I had some Terracotta pots. Thought they always look very professional in some members’ greenhouses.
Had some good advice from Hywel about getting Cactii to
flower last year, which went in one ear and out the other.
Sorry Hywel !
Decided to reclaim and use it properly, with the pots.
I had a Cactii on the bedroom window sill all winter.
Decided to get it some friends.
Found baby Cactii at the GC for £1.39 each. Bought 5.
Mixed up some J.I.No.3 with 50% sand grit.
Filled 5 pots, and repotted the baby Cactii in it, with more
Grit on the surface.
Stood them all on a large drip tray. Looking good now!
Filled a gallon container with rainwater. Mixed in the right
food ready for use.
Stood it under the bench so it will be tepid when needed.
Watered them all.
Marked on the calendar to do it on the 14th of every month.
Job done. Very satisfying.

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p.s. Remembered I have some small bungie straps. Have
got them ready this morning to tidy my canes so they are all in their respective sizes in the large tub, instead of leaning over over the place.

15 Mar, 2017


Diane your cacti will not need feeding for quite a long time and certainly never in winter. I have never fed mine as a routine, just perhaps once in the growing season and/or after flowering. When you pot them on again you might like to try a purpose mix for cacti - you can buy quite small bags of it in garden centres.
How often you water depends on room conditions more than the calendar. Once a month lightly in winter is OK but don't soak them or feed them and never let them stand on a tray with water in it for longer than it takes for the compost to become damp. In the summer you can up it to fortnightly if the weather is warm and dry. More cacti are killed by kindness than by neglect as they are designed for harsh conditions.
I hope they do well for you. Do you know their names?

31 Mar, 2017


This advice is in total contrast to what I have learned.
I shall soak them on the 14th of every month with tepid rain water including nutrients, during the summer, to see what happens.
One is looking jolly already. Its most interesting.
I have enough trouble remembering music without bothering with Cacti names !
If they want to flower they will.

31 Mar, 2017


Just thought your little plants might have labels...

The advice was just passing on what I have always done, which I first learned when I was a member of the National Cactus and Succulent Society 50 years ago. I still have my prize tickets. In essence its not very different from what you are doing, except that an experienced grower will water etc depending on the look of the plant and the compost rather than a date on the calender, which is meant as helpful guidance for beginners.

Soak and dry out in summer, water very sparingly in winter and don't feed during winter unless you have Christmas cacti which need different treatment.

31 Mar, 2017

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