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I am pleased to be back in the compost recycling business.


My other two Gerbils died of old age. The new two are lovely, I am very pleased with them- £14. They were a week settling in, being very nervous, but are happy now.
Chewing plain brown cardboard and egg boxes into small pieces which retain moisture for plants.
The old fish tank is 39″×16″ × 20″ deep. They have a box for their nest/home, 2 running wheels which they enjoy , 2 Coconut shells and shredded wood shavings for bedding.
They dont eat much at all, I only give them a spoonful in an old soup bowl at 8 a.m. and the little dish of water.
I have scooped out the old litter this a.m. with the plastic duspan. Will now clean out the floor area with a floor wipe
which is no trouble at all. (Better than keeping fish.)
Remove the plastic bags of litter to the recycling box in the garden. Will add the old soil from the (died in the heatwave) Hydrangea tub, with some Horticultural Sand, costs about £1, and a jug of Blood, Fish and Bone Granules, give it a good stir and leave out in the rain to rot down for 2 months.
Then bag up ready for potting up plants in the Spring.

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A good way to recycle and they can keep you company as well.

6 Nov, 2017


Gerbils are really lovely and easily tamed to be be hand friendly;but one of ours got her tail caught in the wheel and it got broken so we didn't give them a wheel after that. We gave them lots of different woods to chew and a depth of sawdust of 5"-6" deep so they could tunnel. Sadly we are gerbil free as they both died ofold age.Daughter is at uni so we've said she has to wait until she is finished before getting any more. We have kept their gerbilariums.

6 Nov, 2017


Oh I like them, we had some when ours were children, they were very friendly when they got used to us, I remember we used to have them running around in a clear exercise ball, was very comical to watch them, can remember my son placing the cage too near to the curtains one day after he'd been playing with one, Gizmo he was called, until I changed it upon realizing the little beggar had managed to poke his snout through the bars of said cage and chewed a hole in the curtain...

6 Nov, 2017


We looked after the school one for the holidays once. We found out they love chewing twigs from apple trees. We let it out in the bathroom for a run round (where we thought there was nothing it could chew)and it got into a gap by the pipes and wouldn't come out. It ran up and down under the bedroom floor for what seemed hours that night...You wouldn't think one little gerbil could make such a noise. It emerged innocently in the morning looking for breakfast. We never thought of composting the litter.

7 Nov, 2017


Lovely fun. I have never let them out in the flat, scared
I wouldnt catch them again. I remember that Stera
with you chasing it up the stairs with a hammer !

7 Nov, 2017


Stera thats why we had the exercise ball, we were worried he'd get lost or burnt amongst the central heating pipes, in those days they were underneath the actual fire itself and of course although we couldn't see unless crawling around on the floor it was very open for furry little creatures to get into, I do remember ours were noisy when playing....

8 Nov, 2017


Diane I do remember they are very fast when they escape so don't blame you for not letting yours out, I bet you could still get the exercise balls though...

8 Nov, 2017


They have two Coconut shells with a hole in to climb in and out of, seem quite happy with them. No space for anything else in the tank.

9 Nov, 2017

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