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GROWS ON YOU members and friends reunion June 4th 2018.


To prevent any criticism I have decided to take responsibility for planning this 5 day holiday. This does not include excursions which are available from the coach operator, or maybe another member offering to organise.

It will be at The Cumberland Hotel, Eastbourne
which could be available from other coach firms that do this type of holiday depending on where members live. It means members who would like to go need to check their local coach operators for this venue and date. For those wishing to go independently using their own cars, they
would have to enquire privately from The Cumberland if there is accommodation for them, and the price.

The 5 day coach holiday includes 2 days travel, which means it is available to members who do not drive, or own a car. This is important. Cloud 9 at Northampton do a free taxi service from everyone’s home and return included in the price.

The quote is £390 half board. It is not known at the moment if the chefs do mid-day snacks.

It is also important for members who need a single room to book early. There is no single room supplement at this hotel, a ‘sea view’ room is just £20 extra.
The nearest trans-Atlantic airport is Gatwick.

The sea front Carpet Gardens are wonderful. There are many specialist gardens in the area including the National Pinetum and Forest.

Anyone interested please contact me private message
as soon as possible.


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I have been on this holiday 12 times with different coach companies, over the years I was researching my family history in Brighton. Accommodation on the south coast is very expensive, plus rail travel costs.
Local council travel passes are accepted on some routes.
I always carried mine. Was never asked for it. The driver just looked at the colour of my hair, pressed a button, and a yard of tickets shot out of the machine !
Would add to the above that the coach firms do a block booking with the hotel. The ticket price includes evening entertainment and excursions. Non-residents are not welcome to these facilities.
Therefore its best for members living some distance from Northampton to contact Cloud 9 and ask if they can use their own cars to get to Northampton and leave them there while they are away on the coach.
If we get 45 who want to go I could ask for the free excursions to go to some of the gardens listed as worth visiting.
I am just the co-ordinator.

20 Nov, 2017


I couldnt understand why I was informed the Cumberland Hotel had no single rooms. As they advertise they have and do not charge a single room supplement. Then realised these very clever IT operators have ways of finding a person's correct age.
I wouldnt put the coach booking office to the trouble of trying to find suitable alternative accommodation for the wide age range of Goyers, so have cancelled the enquiry.

I can go on the local Civic Society holiday but thats all about architecture !
Sad. However, to look on the bright side, the garden gate is now open for anyone else who wants to attempt an
annual gathering of Goyers.
But they should be below the d.o.b. deadline to get
attention !

21 Nov, 2017


Am thinking about a week on a static quality narrow boat.
Any members interested in joining me very welcome, or
book your own boat.

21 Nov, 2017


I now find narrow boats for hire are very expensive.

From experience I think its best members use local coach companies they are familiar with, that link in with self drive hotel options. Shearings offer this service.
A request for their brochure might prove interesting for members with Goyers in their area. They do garden tours.

My local coach firm do free taxi pick ups and free taxi home on return which is included in the price and very good.
The suitcases are loaded onto the coach in a certain order.
On arrival at Northampton we wait until our names are called from the computer print out, then exit the coach to find the taxi driver waiting with our suitcases to escort us to his car. We used to be dropped off at a town centre
coach stop where I have known women fight over taxis !

22 Nov, 2017


If anyone is interested..........having made a lot of changes.........I have now finalised my holiday.
It is now June 11th 2018 to June 15th 2018
to the Burlington seafront Hotel with Shearings.
This coach may be picking up in your area, may be worth enquiring. Cost is about £320 pp. half board. Allow another £100 for lunchtime snacks and tempting items in the Gift Shop.
These coach firms book up a hotel for their passengers, then sell the holiday.
The excursions are to Hever Castle and Herstmoncaux
Castle where there are gardens, and horse drawn carriage rides.
The carpet gardens on the promenade are wonderful.
Please inform me if you would like to join me to make a
GOY members and friends group. Shearings booking staff are very helpful.

24 Nov, 2017


I cant do anymore on this. Sadly The Museum of Shops
is permanently closed now. The owner told me he had spent 26 years collecting everything, then decided to open the shop, which I loved. I went there twice.
Seems they wanted to retire, and couldnt find a buyer.
It all had to be parcelled up and sent to auction last January. I would have loved just one parcel !

27 Nov, 2017

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