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Do you check the detail on your fuel bills ?


Does your 2016 fuel bills state a sum of money that your fuel supplier owes you ? Do you hurry to pay the final amount required because you dont want to be cut off ? We gardeners can always think of an item we could use some money for.

Atlantic was changed to SSE last year. I paid my bills, began to worry about where my Winter Fuel Allowance had gone to in August as the back page of the account stated they owed me £237.19p. So wrote on it I wanted a cheque for this money. No cheque came.

I was told money is done by Bank Transfer now, so checked all my Bank Statements for this £237.19p. It was not on.
Received the letter stating the £300 for 2017-2018 winter
had been put in my Bank a/c. So where was this other
£237.19 ? Checked all the statements for the year. Nix.

Yesterday went into Barclays Bank Kettering asked the customer service advisor to find it. She phone SSE said who she was. They jumped out of their socks to put her onto their finance dept. who said they would send a cheque out immediately for the £263 they had of my money.

They asked for my d.o.b. for identification which I had never given them. Knew they got it from I.T. Were waiting for me to die hoping my relatives wouldnt spot it in the confusion, and they could put it in their own pockets. It was such a shock I felt ill.

I have informed the Northants Police Officer who deals with disabled people by email as I cant walk far to go to the Police Station. Also our M.P. He will tell the Govt Chief Officer that authorises payment of this money to us.
When they reply I shall ask for all 2016 Winter Fuel Allowance money being held by fuel companies should be repaid to the pensioner it belongs to immediately.

So am going to have a new water butt (with additional washers for the connection as they go rotten in 6 months) and a cold frame for my Auricular seedlings.
seedlings. Job done .

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Northamptonshire Police do not want to be involved in this
issue. Suggest I talk to the fuel supplier. I gigantic scam and if its not on the T/V they dont understand. What a hoot. ! Have informed my M.P.
The woman at Barclays Bank was the best to help up to now. Have informed my M.P. as this is a nationwide problem.

Have been to the GC, no Auricula seeds, glad I sent to T.& M. for them. Bought a Primula 'Romance Mix' as a start to my collection.
Auriculas and Primulas seem to be complicated to this beginner. Ah well, we all have to learn. Think I will write down the species on a card to take in my pocket when I go again. It will help with the learning process. They are getting some cold frames in mid-January.

21 Dec, 2017


I am informed that this scam was reported on the front page of The Times today Dec.21st. I didnt know.
I am not clever. Just remember things.

21 Dec, 2017


I am over 80. Of my £300 Winter Fuel Allowance for 2016 which included some weeks when the temperature was below freezing, only £27 was deducted from my fuel bills.
I like many others, paid the total because I was afraid of being cut off.

The Customer Services lady at Barclays Bank said if I dont receive the cheque for the balance of £263 within 3 weeks
to go back and tell her.

It shows how very important it is for people to keep an account of money received, together with letters from The Dept. of Pensions stating what has been sent out for their winter heating needs, the totals on their fuel bills, and how this money is used.
We are not all senile because we are old. Even if the fuel supply staff think we are, and are waiting to pounce when we depart this life to grab all they can that is overlooked.
I am still angry about it, but feel better now younger journalists have taken up the fight.

22 Dec, 2017


I am rather careless about money matters as my husband is so good at checking stuff though I do keep an eye on my Internet accounts which are quite separate from my bank account.

I thought the fuel allowance was paid into our bank account?

22 Dec, 2017


Thank you Eirlys. The 2017-2018 Winter Fuel Allowance was paid into bank accounts November 2017.
This proves the Dept of Pensions know what has been going on. Doesnt force the Fuel Companies to repay pensioners the money retained 2015-2016 and not deducted from the fuel accounts for that year.
I am waiting for my M.P. to deal with that one.
The Barclays Bank Customer Service Lady said to wait 3
weeks because of Christmas Postal delays, if I dont receive my refund cheque within 3 weeks to go down, tell her, and she will deal with it.
Glad I changed to Barclays last summer.
I was told by BT that they would put a Direct Debit into my bank account, which I objected to as I did not give my permission. Barclays Bank do not put Direct Debits in, only Bank Transfers. So I put £18.99 per month into BT and told them to send me the bill for the calls I have made, which they had to comply with, rather nastily too because they didnt get their own way on that one.
There is too much of this going on. We manage our money, not faceless bureaucrats pressing buttons on computers.

23 Dec, 2017


Thanks for all that info Dianne. Maybe a quick line or e mail to Watchdog or Martin Lewis of the money programme would sort them out. There must be an awful lot of people out there who don't know about this scam.

24 Dec, 2017


Thank you Thorneyside. Barclays Bank Customer Service Adviser gave them the shock they needed. She said if I dont receive a cheque for the £263 they have of my money
within 3 weeks to go back and tell her. I was so
grateful. Have informed my M.P. too. Feel better now.

24 Dec, 2017


I received the cheque with the first postal delivery of 2018.
They can play their tricks to rob old people of money that gets forgotten when they die, but I am still alive and did the right thing asking for help at the Bank.

6 Jan, 2018


January 28th. I am enjoying spending this £263 at the
Garden Centre !

28 Jan, 2018

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