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Rye Flour is made from Rye Grass ......which is gardening,,,,


I have suffered from itchy scalp for 8 years, its caused by the chemicals the shampoo manufacturers use in their products. Tried everything, no good.
I just found an effective treatment on the internet.
Make a shampoo with one level teaspoon of Rye Flour mixed with warm water to the consistency of runny honey.
Wash as usual. Rinse off. Then rinse off again with half a cup of vinegar mixed with half cup of water …….which gets rid of dandruff.
I would be very interested to know how any members progress with this back to nature routine.
The shampoo manufacturers dont market it because they cant make it.

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Have you used it yourself Diane Bulley? Has it worked for you?

5 Mar, 2018


Hi Diane, I just use plain soap, no scent, no fancy chemicals, Derek.

5 Mar, 2018


Having very mild asthma I steer clear of any fancy soaps, shampoos etc., as it's the perfume that bring on the wheezing, so I'm with you there Derek.
I don't remember having any fancy shampoo when we were kids, I think we just used soap!
Interesting thought using flour (of any sort) I remember wallpaper used to be hung with flour and water paste!

5 Mar, 2018


So it did - and it soon went mouldy if you didn't use it up fairly quickly!
Yes we did often use soap - and a rinse with vinegar water afterwards got rid of any soap residue and left your hair nice and shiny.

5 Mar, 2018


I love rye bread, such a unique flavor.

6 Mar, 2018


The instructions say to trial it for a month. It definitely works for me, so will carry on. Its so hard to find plain green soap now. I cant remember the name of the green sachets of shampoo in 1945, or remember what we used before that. I remember 'Dinkie' curlers.
I dont know who recommended the Rye Flour, but I am deeply grateful to them. My head feels fresh again.
Thanks to all who have taken an interest in this topic.

6 Mar, 2018


I'm glad it works for you Diane. Steragram, does your hair smell of vinegar afterwards?

6 Mar, 2018


Mine does, but it doesnt worry me. Equal parts of vinegar and warm rinsing water soon gets rid of it.

I keep seeing people on T/V scratching their heads and know they are suffering the same as I have.
Just pleased I think I have found a cure. All about grass !

6 Mar, 2018


I have developed allergies with age. Some shampoos I now find irritating and I have to buy paraben-free ones.

Using vinegar as a rinse is an old "tradition". Gives a lovely shine and leaves an acid mantle on the scalp.

I have also used bicarb of soda added to shampoo to remove all signs of hair sprays etc.

7 Mar, 2018


Thank you Eirlys. Simple block soap was alright for me for a long time, with white vinegar rinse.
Our old friend bi-carb of soda comes to the rescue again,
I never thought of that.
We also need each other !

8 Mar, 2018


Lisam I can't remember hair smelling of vinegar so it probably didn't, not for long anyway.I would not use white vinegar though as I can't abide the smell, it turns my stomach. Haha, is there anything that bicarb won't help with I wonder? I use it on a damp cloth to remove tea stains from cups.

8 Mar, 2018


Steragram: I buy white vinegar (sorry) by the litre and large quantities of Bicarb. Great for cleaning and for unblocking the sink. Together, they used in primary schools to demonstrate "volcanic eruptions"!!!!

8 Mar, 2018

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