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Giving this some considerable thought (which takes me a long time)


I think now that planning to avoid another heatwave disaster should be based on shade, available water (no hosepipes here ), proven ability of plants to stand up to it, all plants having a good damp root ball throughout the summer, – the shrubs were marvellous, at over 4 feet deep roots they kept themselves damp, my crevice garden was quite unaffected by it. The need to be back indoors by 10 a.m. daily.
I know my shade spaces.
Available water will be 130 gallons at the end of April to last at least 12 weeks after which I have to carry 3 gals from my upstairs kitchen daily.
Therefore all tubs have to be within reach of the nearest end of the garden. All plants have to be well mulched at the end of April. Buy more grit in the winter to stock up.
The surviving plants did jolly well, are stronger by having a weak feed in early autumn.
Lists of those recommended by members saved in my garden notebook. The Sedums did well in the ground, quite unaffected by the heat. Others being put in the heat area in deep tubs to give them a good root run, plus mulching.
Increase the Lawn area with seed that will stand up to the heat, ask at the GC for the best option.
Am not taking any notice in future of any plants that are attractive, advised to buy, or pretty pictures – they have got to be able to stand up to desert conditions.
Everything else can stay on T/V.

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I estimate now I lost over £400 worth of plants at retail prices, plus all the work involved.
Will be more careful in future.

19 Aug, 2018


Hi Dianne, I don't think it's just desert conditions you have to think about, I know that this year has been one of the driest for many years, but next year could be one of the wettest, you never know what kind of summer, [or winter] you're going to get, you just have to buy the plants that suit your available conditions, perhaps try plants that ''don't mind'' drought conditions, rather than plants that prefer drought conditions, Derek.

19 Aug, 2018


I knew someone would say that. Never thought it would
Derekm ! I am sticking to extended lawns and Sedums
in the ground. Everything else in deep tubs where I can sling a gallon of water easily because its needed anyway.

20 Aug, 2018


Am happier now. Forgotten the roast garden and dead plants. Am drifting towards coloured large rocks, large fancy pebbles, and dark colours.
This will make a theme to offset the extended lawn and shrubs that were not affected by the heat. Making a set colour/plant type plan is a good idea.
Yesterday I planted 2 more Sedums Purple Emperor,
and Autumn Joy. Dug out a hole and filled with Gerbil compost, then put them in with a half gallon of water.
Made another Crevice Garden in the old wheelbarrow with
3 large rocks; backgrounds for Campanula portenschlagiana Clockwise, Cotula hispida, and Euphorbia myrsinites.
Then Sempervivum Pekinese on its own in a deep tub to keep the roots damp easily next year.
I brought the labels indoors to copy all these names !

23 Aug, 2018


You are being very innovative Diane. I take my hat off to you being prepared to fetch water from an upstairs flat. It sounds like you have a water butt. Do you have any space where you could collect water in a second butt as well. I have a small butt down near the greenhouse and I fill it with the hose from the bigger butt up near the back of the house when that is full. It is attached to the down pipe from the roof and currently overflows to the water drain when necessary. It would be difficult to attach a rhone to the greenhouse but the butt is very handy when I am a bit tired. I have just bought a 3rd butt to attach to the garage down pipe. It saves using expensively treated water from the Water Board supply. We had an inch and a half of rain on Saturday so we are sure of a constant supply when it rains.

12 Sep, 2018

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