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Saturday AM I did not feel like switching on the Telly to have a look at the Blue Tits nest. However, by the afternoon curiosity had the best of me and then turn on the telly and to my surprise all blue tits were dead but for one.
I saw the mother Tit came in to feed just that one, though I could see, it did look very poor.
Sunday Am, I have another look and the last one also had gone…
The mother Tit kept coming in with food, however to no avail…
I am sendind one of the last photos when she was feeding them

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Oh that's so sad, you're sure the remaining one didn't fledge ? Lovely photos though, especially with their little mouths open for food !

17 May, 2010


Lovely photos Didi but such a sad ending....:o(

17 May, 2010


Aww what a shame .

17 May, 2010


Wonder why? and ideas Didi? Virus do you think?

17 May, 2010


Aw so sorry Shirley,our blackbird chicks didn't make it either.I think there is such a high mortality rate amongst birds generally but we seem to notice it more now that we pay more attention to them.
I wondered if it was the frosty nights we've had recently.

17 May, 2010

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