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Really Strange


By dido


This year I have an abundance of Cherries and the really strange thing is the birds don’t seem to want them! They taste really good, so its not that and they are really bright red, so its not that either, usually as soon as they start to ripen the birds have whalloped them off overnight, I can’t understand it.. don’t get me wrong it’s really nice to taste them for a change but wondered if anyone else has had the same experience?

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I find, the birds, seem to go through funny stages, with their feeding...i seem to think, they are getting choosy & picky. LOL I picked some Strawberries
from my plants, they were only small ones, so i gave them to the birds with
a mixture of other goodies, i looked today, they are still left in the tray???
Lovely pic dido..a very pretty place, to sit & daydream...

5 Jul, 2010


I think we are spoiling them Freesia!! The thing is they have eaten all my red currants instead and I only had a couple of handsful of those, thank you for your kind comment too x

5 Jul, 2010


I thought it strange last year when we had thousands of cherries on our tree but one morning they were all eaten! I think the birds wait for full ripeness!

5 Jul, 2010


They look all ripe and tasty.I wonder why birds are reluctant towards them.

5 Jul, 2010


That's strange. I usually have birds stealing my raspberries. I'm thinking of puting up a scarecrow lol.
I'm glad your cherries are being left alone for a change.

5 Jul, 2010


If I knew what was detering them I could bottle it and make a fortune!!!!

6 Jul, 2010


lol :o))

6 Jul, 2010


I was just thinking about this, dido and wondering if it is the skins, that deter
them? Because, if they are not fully ripened the skins could be chewy..
With Strawberries & raspberries, being, they, are soft fruits they may well
prefer them...i still think, they are luxuries to them, much rather, have their
Fat Balls.LOL

6 Jul, 2010


Do you know Freesia this morning they are all gone!!! I think there's something in what you've said they were really ripe last night....

7 Jul, 2010

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