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Warning to fellow GOYers


Sorry, this is nothing to do with gardening but I thought I’d post a warning to everyone about a current telephone scam.

If you receive a telephone call, supposedly from or on behalf of microsoft telling you that there may be a problem with your computer – Hang up. It is a scam. Already today I have had two ’phone calls. They will not provide any form of verification and the number is always withheld. Fortunately, I was not taken in! Further investigation on the internet proved my suspicion.

Sorry if you already know about this…

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I'm afraid we got caught!! Never again though.

21 May, 2012


I get phishing emails supposedly from banks re my online banking......which I do not do.....banks never email about your accounts.....

21 May, 2012


Pam, Had an e.mail this morning from JP Morgan bank, have never heard of them, but they wanted to discuss my account!!!

21 May, 2012


If you register with the TPS & MPS then any call or free mail you get will be in breach of legislation. There are also other things you can do

21 May, 2012


Three different 'banks' said my online banki ng had been suspended......thankfully I don,t do that!

21 May, 2012


I've had sooo many of those, tried everything to stop them, leaving phone off the hook etc, but they just kept ringing back,twice a week for over a year!!!!!,not had one for a while thinking about it after I told the caller she was really starting to get on my nerves, although have said worse with no effect :-)
I'm on the telephone preference list and did report them but because they phoned from lots of different numbers, all of which were abroad, they couldn't do anything to stop them.

21 May, 2012


Stevie even with TP. they get through somehow!!

21 May, 2012


I had to change my phone number and go ex-directory to put a stop to the overseas calls - there was no other way to do it :-(

21 May, 2012


ok heres a few tips
the TPS/MPS will stop legitimate trash inside the UK,
however if you are on lists that have gone abroad then you will still get some but you will know then its ok to swear at them or just say TPS get lost.

one thing folks arent always aware of is that companies that you currently DO deal with i.e BT or an internet provider claim (because you deal with them) that they have an 'implied' right to bagger you. So to deal with that you need to give them notice IN WRITING you do NOT consent for your data to be used for cold calls or new deals and also to be used ONLY for the purpose of providing your current contract service.
AND cus lots of these companies have call centres abroad state you do not consent for you data to go outside of the country.

21 May, 2012


also if you dont want anyone delivering junk or coming to your door, you can remove the 'implied right of access' onto your property with a 'NO implied right of access' sign, with a contract amount if they do step over. that way you can simply say sorry there is no implied right of access onto this property or to this door, you can stay and talk if you'd like to pay the contract amount of £2,500 in cash now.

21 May, 2012


A guy I talk to recently said when he gets a call like that he tells then ok just hold on a second, then he puts the phone down and carries on what he was doing, but doesn't turn it off. So they hold on but you never come back. Maybe put an annoying sound on. Not sure how well it works.

20 Jun, 2012

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