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By dioritt


I thought that being as I’ve asked a few questions and uploaded some photos, it would probably be a good idea to introduce myself.

I’m female, knocking 50 and disabled. I’m not in a wheelchair but I have an illness that means my energy levels run low and even when they’re ‘high’, I get tired really quickly. Because of this, my garden is a jungle of weeds and neglected plants. I started making a garden out of it before I got ill but as it took a couple of years to get back to anything even close to normal, the whole things went mad in the meantime. Now I just don’t know where or how to start.

BUT…. I’m able to satisfy my need to garden because my mum’s just moved into a bungalow close by and has let me have the run of the garden. It was pretty much a blank canvas with just lawn and a small patio so I’ve been gradually transforming it. I did have help from a ‘friend’ for a while but when he dug out a bed and then failed to put any drainage in (I did tell him he needed to but as I had to go abroad for 10 days, he took advantage of that and just filled it with top soil). Whether or not the plants will survive remains to be seen. If they don’t, the whole thing will have to be dug out again next year.

I now have a proper gardener coming in at the end of the month to dig out a small area for a shrubbery and gravel bed (the garden isn’t very big) so hopefully he’ll do it properly and I can get planting there.

One day I might even get something done about my garden. I can live in hope :-)

Sharon J

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Welcome Sharon! I hope you enjoy GoY. Please post pics when you have some fo your (your mom's) garden!

13 Jun, 2010


Thanks for the welcome. I've already started posting some photos from both gardens (although mine is hardly worth looking at... lol). I'll definitely post more as I go along :-)

13 Jun, 2010


welcome from me too.

13 Jun, 2010


Thank you :)

13 Jun, 2010


Welcome from me too,Dioritt...Happy gardening :o))

13 Jun, 2010


Welcome to GoY. I can understand the energy level thing so what I have done with a lot of my plants is keep them in pots, it saves on the digging.

13 Jun, 2010


Thanks Bloomer and Pipsqueak.

Mum really wanted a border at the front so I went along with that but at the back I'm having a lot of stuff that will look after themselves more. The annuals will all go in pots and baskets along with some shrubs etc. She does understand why it has to be relatively low maintenance though :-)

13 Jun, 2010


Another welcome :o)

14 Jun, 2010


me too

14 Jun, 2010


Thank you both :)

14 Jun, 2010

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