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Mum's Front Border


By dioritt


Well Mum’s front border has certainly come on over the past month. What our original ‘gardener’ planted up with nothing but marigolds has now turned into this:

and this:

Whether or not everything survives the winter remains to be seen, but Mum chose most of the plants herself so she’s feeling dead proud of it. She’s never had a proper garden before so she’s having fun watering and admiring (while I do the digging and planting).

The lawn was really parched and weedy when she moved in too, but regular watering and a dose of weed and feed have got it looking relatively decent again. Every day she tells me how she can’t believe that ugly lawn could look so good now :-)

There’s still loads to do before it’s the way she wants it, but we’re gradually getting there.

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It's looking good. Neat and manageable. Your mum can really enjoy it and won't be outfaced with it, particularly if she hasn't had a garden as such before :~))

19 Jun, 2010


i know what she mean.tryed the weed and feed before i decided to dig up the lawn,and in four wks its looking great and no weeds,realy didnt think it would work,glad your mums enjoying herself

19 Jun, 2010


Its looking good

19 Jun, 2010


Your Mum not having a 'proper garden' before will make it all the more rewarding for you, well done, It's never too late to take up gardening (even if someone else has to do the work) lol

19 Jun, 2010


Mum would have preferred the borders to have more organic lines (and I agree) but the 'gardener' has OCD and as everything has to be straight and symmetric, he couldn't bring himself to do it! The marigolds were all lined up like little soldiers with exactly 9" between them and he couldn't mix plants in the baskets. When I came back from holiday I found Mum a bit upset because she'd paid a lot and hadn't got what she wanted. Still, she's happy with it now and that's all that matters.

The front's far from finished but as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will her garden be :-)

She had a 150 foot garden at her old house but Dad was never a gardener so it was completely overrun. Just before she moved I decided to take one more walk to the bottom and had to fight my way through the shrubs to get there. There wasn't even anywhere to sit out there. Such a shame to waste so much space but that's all in the past now. This bungalow is her dream come true.

19 Jun, 2010


Well done to you both :o))

20 Jun, 2010

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