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water fall down (bit like rain) re-design part 1


By diydick


Worked in garden today for approx.8hrs finished at 9.00pm this evening,Weather stayed good for me.Waterfall now demolished.
pic1 all in this corner must go.pic2 hardcore and sandstone blocks from waterfall will be re-used,hardcore for shed base and blocks some of which may go into new waterfall.pic3 Rocks from waterfall will be re-used in new waterfall and surplus to remain here for new rockery.pic 4 waterfall gone.

It has been a hard days work demolishing and I had to be careful doing it as there were cables there for lighting and I did not want to damage the pond liner either as it will be re-used for the new waterfall.Most of the rocks and sandstone blocks have been cleaned of mortar and expanding foam as they were chopped out with a hammer and chisel ready for re- use.Atleast I confined the mess to one area.I can’t believe how much mortar, expanding foam and brick work I put into this waterfall.Tip….the expanding foam is used to stick the rocks to the pond liner and make it water tight if anyone was wondering,it’s difficult to get off the rocks though once on them.

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Well done, hope you`ve got a good meal after all that hard work, or will it be a liquid

28 Jul, 2010


Thanx Stroller,
Yes,I sat down and had my dinner with a glass of red about 9.10 pm just after finishing in the garden .I certainly needed it,I was flagging from about 8.00pm as most of the day I was using a club hammer and chisels to demolish it and most of the sandstone blocks are heavy to move,but i was determined to get all the rock out, cleaned up and out of the way.
I normally set myself a goal for what I want to achieve in the day and I expect to do it no matter how late it is.Today went well,but my arms and back will ache

28 Jul, 2010


Should have had two glasses to numb the aching!!!!! Well done on what you acheived yesterday, its coming on......

29 Jul, 2010


looks like very hard work. and well done, you deserved that glass of wine last night, you can have two this eveing, glad you are putting pictures on for us to be able see how you progress,don't over do it.

29 Jul, 2010


what a lot of hard work you have done. a glass or two at least. you deserve it. fantastic project.

29 Jul, 2010


Hi All,
Could not have a glass of wine last night let alone two lol, I slept most of the day as I had to work nights (12hrs) last night. I am officially off work now (Friday) for a couple of weeks (18 days to be exact) but have decided to do an extra 12 hr night overtime tonight .So no more garden work until Saturday afternoon when I get up,and I'll have all day Sunday to work in the garden.
I then return to work on Monday for one more 12hr day shift overtime and that's it! Lots of time in the garden from Tuesday onwards,a good 2 weeks.
It's as well that I did not steam into things too quick, as last night I had a few thoughts which gave me slightly different ideas about what trees I am keeping and what are coming out.I may be removing three different conifers now instead of the two originally and I may now keep the larger tree in the corner behind the old waterfall site.This will then keep more privacy in the garden from the houses that back onto us,especially when I sun bathe (enough said).
Well its 9.45 and I need to sleep as I have to be at work by 7.00pm tonight.
Good day or night,what ever it is, lol!

30 Jul, 2010


Things have changed again,I'm now doing 2 extra night work shifts,so not much gardening at all now until Sunday afternoon.

30 Jul, 2010


i liked your waterfall Diydick, what made you decide to change it, looks like hard work, cant wait to see things finished.

31 Jul, 2010


Hi San, thanx for your kind comments.
If you read my few blogs and other stuff on here you will know why I am changing it.Basically the waterfall etc looks nice at night all lit up.Had it there for a couple of years and think now that the day time it looks an eyesore.Also the leaves from trees get onto the waterfall and end up in the stream and the pond so is a constant job keeping it all clean.The pond pumps have got to pump water up hill to the biofilter behind the waterfall so water volume is decreased considerably even though I have two pumps delivering 8000 litres per hour.I do not get the effect of a cascading waterfall with plenty of water,it's more like a trickle.So I would like a few changes.The waterfall will be re-built smaller and right next to the pond,I am taking the stream out,building a new rockery and re-designing the garden to get more borders/planting areas and therefore more plants in.
Learning through my mistakes I think I can make it look a lot better.
I have already taken two large trees out which has opened the garden up and made it lighter and more airy.I will be taking a few more out to enable the changes I wish to make.
Although projects like this are very daunting to start with I like a challenge and can't wait to really get my teeth into it.Hard work it will be,but I can't sit still for long.This coming week parts of my garden will look like a building site again,I have loads more earth to dig out,again! But its got to look bad before it looks good again.
I shall blog on here each day with photos of the progress.

31 Jul, 2010


see what you mean, i only have a small waterfall because i didnt think my pump would take the water to high but im pleased with it, nothing flash but i like it, i did blogs on build to, our first got water under liner, big mistake and hard work empying it and starting again in winter weather, but loving it now ;o) its so soothing hearing the water isnt it

31 Jul, 2010


Hi San,
had a look back at your blogs on your pond building,sounded like you had a nightmare with it.I know what it's first pond where waterfall was I filled in after 1 year and built the waterfall, had the stream liner and stones up to narrow it and at same time took bottom pond liner out all the pebbles in the bottom and rocks around edge to increase size of pond.There was a lot of water to get rid of to start with and more soil to dispose of.A lot of hard work!

1 Aug, 2010


thanx Diydick for having a look at my blogs, yes it was a bit of a nightmare, being winter and lots of rain made it worse but now i see my pond iv forgotten about all the tears ;o)) love the sound of water and watching the frogs and fishes.

2 Aug, 2010


Thanx Homebird,
I will get cracking on with it again tomorrow now that I have actually finished work for 2 weeks.However ,I know it will take me a lot longer.There will be some changes in my plans as I go along,sometimes you see a better way of doing things.I have my plans drawn up on what I want to achieve but really can't tell how things are going to pan out until I do it.I have got to dig up water pipe work and cables for re-routing,that alone will be a task in itself.I am confident I will get things done and look forward to it,it is just the time factor and not the ability.I really wan't to get things right and not get bored too quickly with the finished result,otherwise I shall be looking for major changes again in a year or two,so it may take a bit longer than I want.

2 Aug, 2010

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