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garden re-design part 3


By diydick


Hi All,
been in the garden today,finished at 9.15 this evening.
Cut off lower branches of large tree in corner.
Taken out two large timbers that were support for old waterfall,thought they may come in handy somewhere in re-design.Also two fence posts that timbers were screwed to (got them out complete) hard work though! also could be handy later on.
I then dug out the foundations and a hard standing behind the waterfall,I can’t believe how much hardcore and concrete I used,you could probably build a house on it! Still,I will re-cycle this,all will go back in as a sub base for the shed re-location.
On removing all this I found some paving slabs hiding behind (about 8), they too may come in handy.In the pix here you can see large blue barrels at the back.The one in the corner is a biofilter I built for the pond,it is full off gravel and the water pumps up through it.There is a drain valve in the bottom which is plumbed to drain and allows all the sludge and debris from the pond to be cleaned out.The barrel next to it is for my pond top up which gets its water supply from a nearby gutter,it has a valve on the bottom and the pipework is buried all the way to an outlet in the pond.
The 3rd barrel I use when I need to empty the pond completely for a total clean out,it doesn’t hold it all but it is a good idea to save as much as possible to put back.
After clearing as much of this area as possible today I set about the trees to the all the branches off and shredded most of the smaller stuff.Just got to get the trunks out now,which I shall do tomorrow hopefully.
After I get rid of all the unwanted stuff which means a few trips to the local tip,I shall start to level all the ground up in this area.
If you draw an imaginary line roughly from where the two large timbers are laying across the width of the garden and level with the pathway,all the soil upward from there I want to remove so it is at the same level as where the timbers lay.The soil there goes uphill in two directions,from the top of the path rising towards the old waterfall site and from where the timbers lay up to the old waterfall site.That is a lot of soil and will be hard work.
pics 1.start of today (note middle far left of pic under tree…remains of one of my ex wives,I must bury her a bit deeper,lol) 2.netting and timber out 3.concrete and fence posts to come out 4.bags of earth from waterfall area only, in foreground 5. A mess! notice trees to right 6.trees gone,just trunks to come out.losing light here 9.15 this evening.
More tomorrow.


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I'm exhausted just reading this Richard! How's your back? Looks like you are doing a great job..well done!

4 Aug, 2010


Thanx Dylandog,
suprisingly my back is fine.I know what my limitations are due to a few years ago I did have a bad back and needed chiropracty and physio.Neither of these worked that well so I had a spinal injection.As long as I rest up a bit from back breaking work I am ok.
The problem at the moment is my left hand,had an operation a few months ago on it and the wound didn't heal so ended up with infection and could not use it.Actually off work for about 4-5 weeks.Had some work done on tendons and it still isn't better yet.Doing this project now was a mistake really,but I can't sit still, you know how it is.Lol!

4 Aug, 2010


Lol Homebird,
and thanx 4 comment on path.As I said to Dylandog above, I know my limitations and if I feel the slightest twinge in my back then I rest up a while or change to a different task that's not so demanding on the back.Thanx for caring though.
My problem at the moment is my left hand after a recent op on the finger tendons.Gripping is difficult as I haven't got full use of it back yet.I know it after swinging a pick axe,mattock or sledge hammer,which I have been over last few days.

4 Aug, 2010


Don't know how old you are Diy, but stuff done to your back in your 20's is still there, only worse, in your 50's ! I know !! lol Glad you know when to 'rest up' ! Garden's lookin' good and gettin' there ! :~)

4 Aug, 2010


Hi B8babe,I am only ......yrs young, and thanx

4 Aug, 2010


I thought that dismantling the waterfall and moving all the sandstone blocks and other rocks would have made my arms and back ache which is what I said in Part 1,but suprisingly it didn't.
That is probably because a few years ago I was trained as a manual handling instructor and been on refresher training since,as I work in heavy industry.
I learnt techniques on how to lift and move all sorts of stuff and how to take care of your back,so it would appear that it was worth doing and taking note.
It is rare that I get back ache now,other than the occasional twinge (probably from previous damage done) and then I will rest from that task and do something else.The worse action that actually causes me back ache is shovelling,either doing it too quick or lifting too much each time.If done slower, getting your posture right and with the correct techniques will prevent backache,also lifting less.
Thanx to all though for your caring nature.

4 Aug, 2010


If you work in heavy industry Richard, it will sounds like your 2 week break has been a busman's holiday!

5 Aug, 2010


Lol Dylandog,
you're not wrong there,some holiday eh?

5 Aug, 2010


Still,there's nothing like a bit of light gardening to fill your leisure time eh?

5 Aug, 2010


Best leisure time you can have Richard, but I think in your case the word "light" is used lightly....:o)

5 Aug, 2010


Lol Dy

5 Aug, 2010

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