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garden re-design part 4


By diydick


Spent most of today cutting up branches and getting rid of all the unwanted stuff at the tip.I then had to move yet more rubble,spare bricks,slabs and rocks from around the tree trunks that I want to remove.Then there were the lights in the way,so they were disconnected,cables dug up and lights removed.
Now everything was out of the way and I had a clear space to work,I started to losen the soil around the tree trunks and the heavens opened up….damn it!
So that was it for today.

Well here’s an update: The rain has stopped it’s 7.00pm and there is still a couple of hours day light left.So I could not resist in going out and getting them trees down.Was only gonna take 2 out but changed my mind and took 3.Tackling the roots on the biggest one first on the theory that if the biggest one comes out no matter how difficult ,the others will be a breeze,Ha ha!

Pic 1. Start of day. Pic 2. Area cleared ready for tree removal. Pic 3. Top of garden looking a little tidier.Pic 4. trees down. Pic 5. chopping the roots of the largest tree,most done now,will continue tomorrow.

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Wow, you've been busy again Richard....
Interesting pics :o)

4 Aug, 2010


It will all be worth it in the end, will be following you around. All the best! :))

4 Aug, 2010


Getting there Tt.
It takes along time undoing all the previous work I have done esp. when I am trying to save all the re-usable materials and store them somewhere,and then there's getting rid of the all rubbish.

4 Aug, 2010


Thanx Michaella,and yes Homebird it looks some what bare now.

4 Aug, 2010


You are getting on great there Dd, could you spare me a few hours !! LOL

4 Aug, 2010


Of course I can Grandmage,what needs doing? LOL!
By the haven't seen anyone following me around have you? only someone said they would be and someone else said that they can see where i've been............SPOOKY!

4 Aug, 2010


Hilarious !!! Lol

4 Aug, 2010


Wow you have been busy. Think I'll join the others and say,'I'll be watching you' and waiting to see the end results. Lol.:o)))

4 Aug, 2010


OMG! Yesterday people were saying "watch your back" that got me a bit worried like,and today people know "where ive been",obviously from "following me around" and now they're going to be "watching me" .
I feel like ive joined a site of stalkers,do a lot of you live near me and can see me now that Ive cut loads of trees down? or am I just being paranoid? Lol!

4 Aug, 2010 are near my brother Diydick, I may get him to follow you around on my jokes.....

5 Aug, 2010

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