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garden re-design part 5


By diydick


Good progress today,didn’t start until 11.00am cuz boiler man came, finished a bit earlier this evening as well 7.30pm.
Was originally only taking 2 conifers out,then yesterday I decided on 3.Today changed my mind again – all 5 are coming out!
Got 4 out today but need to remove my water butt to get to the roots of the last one,job for tomorrow.
I have a problem in that I keep changing my mind,the more room I am getting keeps giving me other ideas.So the shed,which is where this all started will need dismantling for repair work,but it is going back in the same location and not where the conifer trees were.
Started digging up the pipework today that fed the waterfall as this won’t be used anymore and is now in the way for plans in this area.Luckily it just missed my Yukka,thought i was going to have to dig it out.
I’m not gonna say what I will use this area for now as tomorrow it may change again Lol.

just get them out can ya? I think I’m being watched by a concrete face

ok …tree stumps out……next?…. Oh! the concrete face has gone….so you wan’t that one out too,ok.

Done that one,now one tree left to come out by water butt.Underground pipework for waterfall/pond exposed,its all gotta come out

Yeeks! just missed my Yukka,sounds painful!

Thats a 6" soil pipe with 4 flexibles running through it.

Dig this……don’t ya just love digging.

That reminds me…I must sort that shed out,being dismantled soon.

I was only gonna fix my shed up……….now look!

Aha!….another idea came into my head today….can you guess what it is yet? No,it’s not a light railway…. OMG look at them concrete posts and gravel boards,I’ll have to disguise them…..a coat of luminous yellow paint should look good!

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you deserve a big drink.

5 Aug, 2010


Thanx Kfunsters,I couldn't agree more with you.......who's round is it anyway?

5 Aug, 2010


Dd you are a workaholic. I know a garden is never finished, but this takes the biscuit. Your garden was lovely, but I guess you will never stop. Better not move to a bigger one though. Also you do everything so thoroughly. You make me worn out to see all that work you take on - and then you paint. Is that your form of relaxation?

6 Aug, 2010


Hiya Mad,I think that should be my name Lol.
Yes I am a workaholic,the garden did look nice and it was a lot of hard work to get where it was.But for various reasons which I have mentioned somewhere on here and I got bored with how it looked I decided it needed changing.From the experience of how everything I have done over the past 5 years on it I feel that I can make a much better job now.I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head and somewhat excited about how it's gonna look.
I will be putting another waterfall in,I will keep all my lighting and I will be putting in some new features along with several more plants.I may even re-do the pond.All in all I think it will look better.
I really would love a bigger garden,I could do so much! But then I suppose it's a good thing I haven't I'd probably kill myself working on it lol.
Yes,I do things thoroughly,I like to work methodically and have some sort of plan.I have also been told many times that I am meticulous in what I do.
Painting is one of my forms of relaxation when I get chance,also I like to play guitar,listen to music,practice relaxation techniques and aromatherapy.I don't watch TV much as it bores me.Glad you liked my paintings

7 Aug, 2010

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