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garden re-design part 7


By diydick


Hi All,
In the garden today for about 7.5 hrs,weather a bit changeable so wasn’t sure what to start on.The plan was to empty the shed for dismantling to make repairs and retreating.So first job was a trip to the tip with more rubbish and moved about 20 bags of soil to different areas of the garden just to make some room for everything in the shed.
Later on took a chance on the weather and started on the shed.Going to strengthen it when I re-build and it will sit on 2 or 3 courses of brickwork and a concrete floor rather than another wooden one.It was jam packed with stuff,and I didn’t know where to put it all.
Anyway,found temporary homes for everything and took the roof off.
Thats it for today.

Just a few tools for pottering around the garden,not really much of a garderner,honestly

well thats the shed empty,took ages

A bit of water damage on floor and atleast the bottom slat to the side, maybe more,won’t know until I pull it apart.Wet rot has set in so it will need replacing and re-treated

My very own shed with sunroof! The centre beam is warped as this takes the weight of all the roof in the centre,not really big enough in the first place,definately need a larger one and possibly a couple of extras half way down the roof to stop it bowing

Well that’s the roof off,the whole thing needs some TLC.Some new windows are needed too,these are perspex and cracked,probably replace with glass,Will dismantle completely tomorrow and start repairs

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You are doing really well...I have a shed slightly larger than yours...I turned it into a summerhouse 2 years ago... the roof is leaking from all over the place,
I am thinking of taking it down and build a proper solid summer house with a varandah and all.... I will not be the one building it, I shall hire a builder! I am planning to make it real cosy with comfy chairs, like a mini house away from the main house....sounds bliss....I will be surrounded by my plants. :)))))

7 Aug, 2010


Thanx Michaella,
the idea of a new summerhouse with varanda sounds cool.So will that be over looking the swimming pool,tennis courts or my back garden? Lol

8 Aug, 2010


What are sheds for? if not for storing our junk!! Brilliant Dd, you are working so hard, when will you start to dig the swimming pool????? Lol =\

8 Aug, 2010


Fantastic job you are doing there. Makes me feel tired just thinking what you have done !!!!

8 Aug, 2010


lol....Richard..:)) I shall keep to the pond... would not like to lose all that space for a swimming pool..... which I would only get to use... maybe 1 month in a year...what with our weather. Lol... The stuffs I had in the shed went into another shed I bought and put up.:)) happy gardening...

8 Aug, 2010


Your shed looks about the same size as mine Richard, about ten foot by six?

It looks like we got them from the same supplier as well because my ridge bar was way to flimsy for the job. I went to a local wood yard and replaced it after about six months!

8 Aug, 2010

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