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Garden re-design part 9


By diydick


Hi All,
well, had a bit of a problem in the last few days that has slowed me down a bit.On the evening of my last blog (dismantling the shed),I suffered extreme pain in my left hand and arm.Back in late May I had an operation on my hand for “trigger finger” which affects the tendons and ended up with an infection in the finger which put me off work for 5 weeks all told.It appears that I have over worked the hand this week and caused tendonitis and an infection again.The night before last I was climbing the walls with pain,used 2 ice packs during the evening and took one to bed with me.I did not sleep well at all.
Been to docs today and been put on strong anti-biotics 2000mg per day.
STILL! That won’t stop me,I still have another hand and 2 legs to do the work.
Onto the garden one handed,and, it is one handed I cannot use the left hand at all,it won’t close.
So I had to find some one handed jobs.First I went to the timber merchants and then onto Wickes to get materials for doing up the shed.After struggling getting the materials into my workshop and garden I realized I could not continue with the shed at present.So I decided on prepairing & painting some outside wood work and a couple of fence panels which need doing before I put the shed back up anyway.
I have also changed my plans again,slightly.I am going to purchase a new pent shed to put in place of the one taken down.The one taken down I will still do up but I am altering its size (smaller) to put on the edge of my patio,this will be used for storing sun loungers and garden chairs etc.It’s an 8′×6′ but reducing it to 5’x 4’6" ….should be fun lol.

Today I put shuttering (woodwork) together for further concreting to raise the height of the base,the existing concrete base is 5" lower than the surrounding paths.As I am getting a new shed for this area which has a better build than my last one I will not put it on a sub base of wood.
It took awhile to do this as the levels were all over the place on the last base.
I had to drill,cut,level and screw together the wood which is almost impossible with one hand.Took me all afternoon (5hrs).
After I was happy the shuttering was straight,square and level I proceeded to get all the hardcore saved from my old waterfall foundations from across the other side of the garden,loading a bucketful a time picking each piece up with my good hand and carry the bucket over to the base area.I just about had enough hardcore left from the waterfall base for this.Could not use a shovel or the wheel barrow as I cannot grip with left hand.So this took me 3hrs,finished at 9.00pm.
Well that’s the last two days.
Here is the pix.

Gutter,Fascia and fence before

Cleaned and painted

Shuttering in and checking levels

Hardcore in,ready for concrete

BTW,sorry I cannot help anyone with physical labour on your gardens Lol.
But does anyone want to come round later to mix some concrete for me,for the base?……………………………………………….Ahhh! that’ll just be me then Lol!

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Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, so you wont be round next week then, shame !!! Lol
hope you hand improves, your still doing an amazing job with just one!!

12 Aug, 2010


Thanx Homebird & Grandmage,atleast doing the painting slowed me down a bit and they needed doing anyway.I can just about grip with my 1st finger and thumb now, but its weak,I can't lift or do anything else with it.My hand is puffed up with fluid probably trying to protect the tendons.I will be around until Monday,go back to work on Tuesday Grandmage,if my hand lets me.

12 Aug, 2010


I am only joking really Dd, you probably have been overdoing things lately, you take care now.

12 Aug, 2010


Joking? JOKING?!!!......This ain't no laughing matter............I'm seriously injured! Lol.............. Yes I know I have, but serves myself right eh? The rest of me is ok just this damn hand,and thankyou.

12 Aug, 2010


Have a day off on Sunday !!!! :`=))

12 Aug, 2010


Would willingly come and help but still have 11 days to go until my trigger finger op - right hand for me and I'm right handed. What fun!

14 Aug, 2010


Thanx Wagger,I hope all goes well for you on the finger op.

15 Aug, 2010


Have been enjoying reading your daily diaries Dd, sorry to hear about your problems. You are doing an amazing job under the circumstances, You take care now.

16 Aug, 2010


Thanx Cinderella,atleast my hand has returned to normal size,but the finger is still a bit tender.I have been chopping the old shed down to a smaller size and making repairs for a few days and yesterday laid the concrete for new shed base.Would have done the base before now but weather prevented that.Still,there's always something else to do.

16 Aug, 2010

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