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Garden re-design part 14,The last bit......supposedly. ...


By diydick


Well here is the finished garden at last!

Fences all painted in green now although only one shown here.

The finished pond with lots of new plants around it.

The new rockery where the large conifer stood

Moved these 2 plants(can’t remember what they are)from the side of the old waterfall I demolished.

Lillies doing well.

New part by right of arch

The pond

To the left of arch.

This is the waterfall filter box,have now put a few pieces of slate over the black plastic bit and a camo net over top to help hide it.

This is the area where all the soil and rubble was dumped,a big difference now.Repainted fences in “Sherwood Green” and the bench in “Herb Garden” same as sheds,both paints from Wickes.Looks much better.

A view towards bottom of garden.The small tree at the bottom I have just moved to the gravelled area next to the bench as shown in next pic.The fence down this side I have just replaced with better quality fencing and concrete posts/gravel boards because I was fed up keep repairing the old ones.
Where the tree came out I have just built a wooden planter with trellis up.Have not got photos yet so I will show this on my next blog.

Tree moved.

Small shed that was re-built a couple of years ago is now housing extra filter systems for pond and other pond stuff.It was fun moving it from the patio,it nearly ended up in the pond!

Pathway from re-claimed slabs and gravel,bottom right of pic I put a small trellis with a small strip approx.1 foot width by 6 foot length of garden,want to put some climbers here eventually.

Looking back towards the house.

This side of waterfall filter box I tried to hide with a plant trough.

Trap door to pump and filter pit, and boarded walkway where underneath it is concrete lined which supports the walkway and contains all pipework to and from pond…easy to get to and I shall never have to dig them up again!

View of pond from the boarded walkway.

Small slate path to access the pond skimmer which collects leaves and surface debris from the pond.

Faeries retreat.

Another gravel path with new planting either side.

Closer view.

More planting.

Could not leave out a few night time pix so here are a few.
The first is a view from my kitchen window.

The night time pix don’t really do it justice,its better to see it for real.

Hope you enjoyed your walk.

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The pond looks lovely and the plants and fish will be happy with a bigger home!

27 Apr, 2013


Looking good.. added to GoYpedia :o)

27 Apr, 2013


Job well done there Diy. it looks fabulous, you have worked so hard and it all looks quite established! Great planting too, dont forget to water well the shrubs and trees you have moved, although the weather has been cold it has been dry!

27 Apr, 2013


You must feel done in after all that hard work, but it was well worth it and it all looks so good.

27 Apr, 2013


Thank you Dandan,TT,Grandmage and Stroller.
It has been hard work but I enjoy doing it.
Thanks for your advice on the watering of the plants I moved Grandmage,we have had quite a bit of rain here in Kent so it has done the job for me,although they still get watered if it doesn't rain.

28 Apr, 2013


Thankyou TT and for adding,cheers.

28 Apr, 2013


Oh WOW Dick you have been buzy, Love your pond and the paint colours for your fence and shed are gorgeous, Loveng the lights also, you have done an Amazing job on your garden, I love it all.
I see you have Alocasia and other tender tropicals planted out, how are they doing?

10 May, 2013


Hi Youngdaisyd,thanks for the lovely comments.Some of these pics were taken in Summer of last year but I have only recently got back onto GOY.
Both Alocasia disappeared completely and most other tender tropicals died too.
I just choose plants I like without even thinking if they will survive or not,I think I will have to choose more hardy plants in future.
I am fine with Diy but guess i'm not much of a gardener really,but still trying to learn.Happy days!

11 May, 2013

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