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Garden is blooming quite nicely now.


By diydick


It has been awhile since posting on here but I have had so many little projects on the go over the last few months that I just have not had time to update.
I have set up a couple of rain barrels from re-cycled plastic drums,one to top up the pond and the other for watering the garden, making compost tea which has brought my plants on leaps and bounds,and dug up just about every bit of garden, sieved it all and added allsorts to improve the soil quality,built some raised planters,trellis work,rebuilt the rockery,new fencing,painting,planting and upkeep of the pond. etc etc.
So here are some pix….enjoy!

This is compost tea brewing

I have 4 tropical fish tanks which require partial water changes regularly so all the waste water goes in this home made rain barrel along with any rain water it collects.In the white container is my compost tea which I mix with the water and it makes excellent food for the plants

This home made water barrel collects rain water from another roof but goes through a filter first to remove moss and any other debris as this water is used to top up the pond via a built in pump.

A nice sun trap where I can lay back and chill out,lovely!

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Well done ! Is that Ammonite a real one ? Its amazing how much interest can be put into a garden. These pictures should inspire others facing a 'blank canvas.'

19 Jul, 2013


Wow! It looks terrific, love so much about it I wouldn't know where to start saying which was my favourite.
The pond is lovely, the rainwater filter a butt a terrific idea, which we may all have to copy soon if this weather keeps on.
The flowers all look happy and healthy and obviously benefit from your compost tea.

19 Jul, 2013


Lovely looking garden and I love how you do your containers especially the shallow ones. I love the one with the Hosta in it did you spray this yourself?

19 Jul, 2013


I love that ammonite :o) Your garden is very pretty ...

19 Jul, 2013


Very colourful and all looking very healthy. Your groupings of pots are well laid out.

19 Jul, 2013


Thank you so much for your lovely comments everyone.

Diane,no the ammonite is not real it is made of concrete.

Snoopdog,about 2hrs roughly,takes so long to upload them doesn't it..

Honeysuckle,if I had more room for storage I would have a few more rain butts especially for the pond.These photos are a couple of weeks old now and the plants bordering the pond have really gone wild with the compost tea and old fish tank water,its looking more tropical now which is the effect I am trying to achieve.

Drc,the pot with the Hostas in I hand painted to get a verdigris effect,it's just a cheap plastic pot.

19 Jul, 2013


Thanks Diydick it looks so good.

19 Jul, 2013


Really enjoyed your pics.

19 Jul, 2013


Thank you Drc and Suey,glad you like them.

20 Jul, 2013

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