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By doon


I have been in love with Hostas since the 1st time I saw them after moving to the "West Coast of Canada. Every time my good buddies at the nursery had a $5.00 sale on Hostas I clean them out & loaded up the car.

Blue Angel & Snow Cap, you can guess which is which. Blue Angel is huge & I might have to divide it this year

Shade Fanfare like shade obviously and also grow large. Sun will harm the white in the leaves of this one

The all green one is a hybrid “Floradora”, but the next one escapes my mind. All I know it looks like it has potential to also grow huge.

The top one of this group is a cultivar: “Just so” & the 2nd “Wrinkles & Crinkles” with huge leaves & not bothered by slugs when the leaves are this coarse.
This is just a small sample of my Hostas, I have about 50 or more in the garden, names like Golden Tiara, , August Moon etc. etc.
An absolute delight to grow. They do not demand lots of water,& all in all a great reward.

OOPS!!!!could not resist this one to cheer you up.

A delightful clematis that climbs over our outside shower & flowers for at least a month or so. The white flowers eventually turns green & very “puffy” & showy.

A glimpse of my studio with all the flower pots around it. this is a lovely seating area, and a breadoven also that serves as a fireplace.

One of my gardens facing the ocean. Full of Peonies & lovely Daylilies etc.

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Very nice collection of hostas Doon - but that area outside your studio is magnificent. Lots of great colour and the pots are lovely. The garden facing the ocean is also very pretty with those peonies. Wonderful garden photos, thanks for sharing.

20 Jun, 2009


Wow, wow, wow :))

How do you stop the slugs and snails from eating your hostas ?
They look wonderful Doon, really gorgeous.

That Clematis looks good enough to eat :)))

And your sitting area outside your studio is soooo pretty, as too your ocean facing border, i would love to come and look around your garden, it looks lovely there.

20 Jun, 2009


hi doon

I just got a few last year so this is the first year they have been in the garden , yours look great ,Im going to get more of them , I like em!

20 Jun, 2009


lovely garden and sitting area...I don't have enough shade for hostas at this house but did have at previous homes. they are wonderful plants.

20 Jun, 2009


Beautiful hostas doon :)
Have you run across any plants with 'Hosta Virus X' out there?

20 Jun, 2009


Hello nice people out there, wow, what nice comments, thanks wish you could see my Sum & Substance etc, huge but photos do them no justice. Thanks Bernieh. The seating area develope this year when my Hubby decided NO more pots on the deck after replacing the deck, soooooooooooI created a new area.
Sure Louise1, come & visit & enjoy the clematis in a salad LOL!!
Maccrimmon, they R worth every penny, I feed them "fish soil" once a year & maybe that is why slugs do not bother them. Maybe the alkaline in the soil???? Kmccue07, I have a lot of hostas in FULL sun, so there is no excuse. The coarse looking, especially the Blue ones take sun. Try them in pots.
Rosalieg is it a sieboldii or a hybrid?(VirusX) must be a hybrid. Is it lovely? Will check from now on.

20 Jun, 2009


Lovely collection of Hostas, Doon! :)

I've never grown them myself.

Love your patio/sitting area! You seem to have a collection of plants like my balcony!!! Lol!

23 Jun, 2009


Thanks B,
Yes I am afraid, I am totally over the edge when it comes to plants. Hostas R such a please, stick some little ones in a pot & like Golden Tiara, you will be so surprised, as it spreads in a beautiful clump, all golden & full.

24 Jun, 2009


beautiful garden, did you see the new hosta, its almost white, its called white feather hosta and its in the spring garden catalogue, I know you will love it,

24 Jun, 2009


Hi Pondlady, how did I miss this comment, big apology, nope I have one that is close to "ghosty" but will watch out for it, Thanks 4 comment. I was cycling & golfing & sometimes get lost on site.

21 Sep, 2009


well I'm glad you did promote your Hostas Doon, what a lovely collection you have, I keep trying to grow them, one day I'll beat the competition with the slugs LOL

22 Sep, 2009


Hi Grindle, I am so grateful not to have slugs, but this time of the year they get eaten by Earwigs, (I think),the rest of the year they are brilliant & drought tolerant to an amazing degree.
We have those huge banana slugs here at the coast, so far I have not found any in my garden TG. Yes my Hostas are amazing, and I am so lucky to be able to grow them in abundance. Try them in pots, they love to be "potted" LOL!!

24 Sep, 2009


believe me I've tried most everything they suggest, this year I've put some in hanging baskets, I think I might have beaten them :))))

25 Sep, 2009


I've never heard about earwigs eating slugs before! Are you sure? I think they are purely vegetarian!

Jut done a search on Google & found this page on Wikipedia:

Also found a page from the RHS on these pests:

According to the RHS page earwigs are omnivorous, so who knows they may indeed eat slugs or at least their eggs & their young!

26 Sep, 2009


Thx for comments & info Grindle & balcony, I was away on Holidays, golfing, so negligent of Goy 4 awhile. Have a merry one U2.

23 Dec, 2009

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