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Dying of the heat on the West Coast


By doon


We are caging the temperature by how many times we have to take to the water a day here on our little island of Gabriola. Temps. in the 30’s no rain in sight & garden is taking a “hit” like crazy. My garden is under an automatic watering system I installed 7 years ago & so thankful that I did this, BUT even so I have to hand water as well.
We plunged 4 x yesterday & today already 2×. A light breeze today. So thankful.

I am adding a few photos & see if my blog actually make it to the front page today.

Gorgeous sunrise this morning & a tide going out. We have no blinds or curtains in our house, just a glorious view of nature every morning & night.

A walk towards my studio is getting crowded with flowers & grasses in their containers.

A riot of colour & flowers out there. It is if they know time is of essence & they better grow as fast as they can.

Russian Sage competing with my little wild Fuschias. One wants to oust the other. The Fuschia is suffering in this heat. I thought I lost it last Winter, but it perked up & I was so happy to see its return

Here I reuse some old cement blocks that was under the studio when we moved it into its new location. Lovely thyme & Scottish moss are growing with glee.

A gorgeous Dahlia that also survived last Winter in the garden. A gorgeous specimen.

This lovely little beauty of a Blackeye Susan came calling in my garden by surprize this year, I hope it will come back next year again. Not a blackeye in sight. LOL!!!

Another beauty, that I inherited from somewhere. I was told by my neighbour that dahlias were “old women’s flowers”, guess who is growing all my extra tubers this year??? right, she came around to their beauty.

Oh the smell of these Casblancas when we sit on the deck at night, so generous in its scent & beauty. I love my lilies.

Sunflowers seeds that I got in Arizona is so happy in my garden . I am going to see if I can get a few seeds to save before the Blue Jays descend on them this Fall.

Hydrangea heads so heavy they are falling over. I hate to stake, so I just let them. How come this type hates it when cut & put in a vase? Can anyone inform me why?

I hope your Summer is filled with love, laughter & sunshine as well.

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Great blog Doon - spotted it at the top of the list!! Sounds like you're having a tough summer but your garden is looking fantastic. Such a lovely spot and such a fantastic view. Love your little chequerboard garden space - very nice. Over here it's winter and there's great sunshine every day. It's such a mild winter that I wish it would just go on forever, and we could skip the horrible summer that we always have. Hope it cools down for you soon.

30 Jul, 2009


Lovely garden and flower pictures Doon and your 'cement garden' ...... i just love it :)))
Bernie gave it a good title your 'chequerboard' garden ..... brilliant and lovely !

I'd like a bit of your summer by the way !

31 Jul, 2009


How lucky are you? :~))))) That is a fab location and a very pretty garden. I can tell you appreciate it and love it. We have had loads of rain for weeks now but before that we were crying out for it. Never happy are we? lol

31 Jul, 2009


Yes U R right, we R always complaining, especially in Northern Climes, but then what else can we complain about.
Thx 4 the lovely comments, yup,Louise, that is exactly what we call it our checkerboard garden. Bernie we hitched hiked through Aussies E. coast when we were young & remembered the lovely Winter weather u guess enjoyed.
Hi Grannysue, I wish we can have a bit of your rain here, but none in sight. It is a lovely spot & my garden is lovely, do not know how I can ever stop gardening, loving it.
So thanks a bunch 4 lovely comments.

31 Jul, 2009


How come I can not find my blog under "BLOGS" even check the dates, they seem to disappear into thin air???Am I to infrequent in using the site???what do I do wrong?

1 Aug, 2009


I've never bothered to check where my blogs come in! I've written 20 with today's! Loved your blog, BTW! It's so good to read about how other people get on with their gardens in other countries & climes! One of the best features of GoY! Another is getting to know so many people who like to garden & take photos of their gardens. :)

You are very lucky to have such beautiful views, we've got a row of houses for our view! Mind you I would rather see them from ground level than see the "sea" of roofs that the neighbours in the flats above us have! I helped a guy on the fifth floor put some blinds up in his kitchen window &, although you can see for miles, the most impacting view was the "sea" of rooftops across the street! Row after row of grey rooftops looking like waves coming in from the sea!

I liked your checker board garden. When I saw the picture I wondered if perhaps you grew low ground covering herbs in the squares & as I read on I saw that you do!

I love the photos of the flowers & if you want to save some sunflower seeds for next year just cover one of the heads as soon as you see the birds starting to tuck into them.

1 Aug, 2009


Doon - to check on all recent blogs this is what I do:

Go to the section 'Members blogging', scroll down to where it says 'more gardening blogs'. When you get to that page, look on the right hand side - there's 'News about Grows on You', then 'Popular topics' and under that is 'Latest Blogs'.

Scroll down a little bit and you will see 'See all the latest blogs'. This gets you to a page where all the blogs are listed in the order they were posted. I find this is the easiest way to catch up on all blogs - they disappear too quickly off the members page!!

2 Aug, 2009


Hi Balcony, Thanks, I agree, all the different regions & countries to read about & see what we all do in our gardens is so interesting. I was so surprized to see UK. is a zone 8-9. Yes we R lucky to have this lovely view, e.g. this morning was a glorious, glorious sunrise, it makes u so happy to be alive & well. My checkerboard garden's only mistake was the "common"? thyme I grew, it grows to high. The woolly thyme, Scottish & Irish mosses, are more successful. Thanks for the tip on sunflower seeds, so I just put a bag over it??
Bernieh, Ok I am going to do that now & see. I find some blogs stay on longer & just wondered if it is because I am so "now & then". Thanks I will now go & check it. Have a good one to both of U.
I found it finally Bernie, thanks a bunch. I see, duh!!!but now I know. LOL!!!!

2 Aug, 2009


You're welcome Doon - obviously I've been playing a bit with all the features trying to learn how to do things faster so I'm not on here for hours and hours.

3 Aug, 2009


I find Summer a poor time 4 me on Goy, I am so busy golfing & cycling, that I almost never check my "site", almost give up.

3 Aug, 2009


Winter over here and both my hubbie and I have been laid up with a virus or two - so had lots of time to play with features.

3 Aug, 2009


Brew Lots of ginger tea you two, & get better soon. We are having ranging forest fires here & hope U guys escape it this year "Down under".

5 Aug, 2009


Doon - the bushfires over there have made the news here. It's always a horrible time - shire councils around our country have already started burning off now (in winter) to get rid of a lot of possible fuel for the summer bushfires! Thanks for the suggestion of ginger tea - never tried that one before.

5 Aug, 2009


Get well girl.

5 Aug, 2009

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