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Red Lily Beetle


A little while ago I followed blog about Red Lily Beetle, saying that as I live in Norhumberland we do not have those pests up here. Too far north. Guess what? Shock horror! Today I found one on one of my lilies!!! First time I have ever seen one, it got the ‘hammer treatment’ of course. Checked all other lily plants, no sign of them. All I can say is, all you garden centres down south stop exporting lily beetles up north!! A word for all you gardeners in Scotland, watch out, they seem to be on their way to you!

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Aha, the march of the RED MENACE! Going independant will not save you...

14 Jun, 2014


im in newcastle and have found two so far,i bought my bulbs in harrogate this spring,do they live inside the bulb and do i kill my bulbs

14 Jun, 2014


They can overwinter in the bulb. careful inspection and an insecticidal drench will save the bulb.

15 Jun, 2014

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