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Squirrel mischief


By dorjac


The distinctive squirrel with the Mohican haircut is back to retrieve his nuts, buried a few weeks ago, and carefully hidden at that time. He even returned later and relocated some of them…..he was discrete about this.

Now he doesn’t care who knows what he has been doing now the nuts are in his tummy.

Ooh moss and weeds and an Encomis seedling too!. (yes they do self seed easily). This was the fox cubs playground. A tiny lawn at the end of the garden.

This is the main lawn……nearly as mossy and weedy. He was very busy there too. I had to ask him to leave before he completely trashed the grass.

Enough of holes in grass. I thought I’d do a blog. Not done one for a long time.This seemed a good seasonal subject. I did say I never saw a squirrel dig up its hidden nuts……the Mohican Squirrel has struck and my ’lawn is full of holes!!!

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Wow... useful photographic evidence ! :o)

30 Oct, 2010


So Dorjac....are you pressing charges? lol Did Mohican Squirrel make a quick getaway so you couldn't capture him in a photo? Bet he works best under cover of darkness eh? lol

30 Oct, 2010


Sorry Wlass broad daylight. Wanted to see whether he was moving the nuts to a fresh place or eating them. He ate some and moved some ! When he ate them he left a hole. When he moved them he put the grass back.....crafty so and so. When I opened the door he went and scolded me from the top of the fence. Has dark hairs over his spine and almost white at the sides......hence the Mohican.

30 Oct, 2010


Think you better provide him with a store cupboard, love your description of him, his name sounds very apt......

30 Oct, 2010


Sorry to hear of the damage to your lawn. It must be annoying for you.

1 Nov, 2010


Sounds like a lot of mischievious activity in your garden, Dorjac! I love the name you've given your squirrel too. I have one coming through the garden but he's on route to better pastures and, so far, hasn't stopped although I keep finding empty horse chestnut husks in the garden.

2 Nov, 2010


The squirrels come for the hazel nuts and and the cats come to chase the squirrels. The squirrels scold them from the top of the fence and go about their business of eating fallen bird food and their nut hunts. I never remember so many wild creatures as we have seen over the last few years in the garden. You seem to live near a wood. We live a short walk from a town centre.

3 Nov, 2010


Thanks for pointing me to this blog, Dorjac, I'm still leaving Peanuts out for 'my' Squirrel and really hope he doesn't start to ruin my lawn!

21 Nov, 2010

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