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By dorjac


Near the middle of June So I thought I would do the record now as everything is still ahead of usual full bloom time.

Campanula Mrs Resholt with Abies in a shallow bowl next to Patio rose Red Dawn.

Big pots and gran’s sink on the patio. County rose/a new patio rose( small double deep pink) chequer board fuchsia/ pink and orange perlargoniums.

Sink planted up recently. Campanula Muralis Major/Lithodora…a lovely blue but looking a bit large now.Veronica Prostrate Trahane…Bright yellow leaves and beep blue spikes/Geranium Ballerina… Blooming well/Dianthus Mendelsham minx…lots of buds/Erodium Bishops Form. Do I discard and renew next year? Or not?Plus 2 Armeria which have bloomed well.

Crinum in a big pot with huge lavender behind it. Rose Red Dawn. Campanula/Abies. / Alpines sink. Olive tree confined in small pot. Orange Perlargonium.

ASPHODEL placed this year at Chelsea as an accent plant in herbaceous displays. I find it fussier than being able to dot it about to spire above other plants. Mine is an old plant, finally prospering in the front of the border a la Christo at Dixter.

Weird and wonderful contortions of the Kniphofias due to the slight slope of the garden. I like them but they need to be sorted every 2 or 3 years and replanted.

An unamed Geranium lurking around the garden for decades! I dug one up and gave it some TLC and it has rewarded me with profuse bright bluish blooms

A cheeky univited Anthurhinum lined up with the pink Penstemons. Funny how these pop up when none in the garden for ages.

Second full year of a small bit of woody root of Sarah Berhardt Peony planted in the border that has had 11 blooms of various sizes. Very Bridal sort of peony, with a lovely delicate perfume

County rose. Not sure of the name. Might be Cheshire?

A fuchsia that doesn’t usually bloom until august already in bud/last of alliums and recently bought Sweet Tea heuchera.

View from the green lounger placed on the filled in circle with crazy paving at the bottom of the garden.

Carpentaria Californica or our nickname ‘fried egg bush’. Only established at 3rd attempt and not cheap. Now doing reasonably well. The bark on it is a bit like eucalyptus strips. So I guess it must grow in those firey canyons that go on fire so often.

First bloom of Day Lily Corki. No blooms at all last year but lots of stems this year.

Another county rose ESSEX I think. Long flowering. only slight rust. Sprawls a bit if not cut well back every other year.

Another county rose that has been slow to get going, but this year it is really pretty and so like Geranium Wargrave Pink which is below the rose. A squirt of rose clear at the right moment is the secret I think. This geranium is really on the go this year. Easy to dig up and move about.

Will finish now. Just for the record. 2 blackbirds nests. 4 lots of eggs layed and 3 taken. Three chicks fledged and then killed and beheaded by magpies. Explanation on Spring Watch was ‘the brain is very nutritious’. How do the Magpies know that?

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Fantastic flowers ... added to GoYpedia.

9 Jun, 2014


What a beautiful Peony you have Dorjac.

9 Jun, 2014


You've got lots of lovely plants packed in there, Dorjac. I'm glad you bought your Sweet Tea - I looked in my garden for a baby one but I think (!) they are mostly ginger ales and perhaps a marmalade!! So much for telling them apart. Your sink looks very lush - mine seems slow to spread although my daughter's boyfriend bought me a miniature petunia and I popped that in - a beautiful purple one. I do like your Essex rose, beautiful and so many blooms. Does it smell as good as it looks?

9 Jun, 2014


Peonies are one of my favourite, it's gorgeous! You've some lovely roses and all look very healthy.
It looks ever so private in the middle of the circle - perfect!

9 Jun, 2014


its all looking great, really bright and cheerful. You might be able to identify your little geranium sanguineum if you google Geranium sanguineum images and click on the fourth picture. There are so many and several that shade. I have two that match yours but am bad at keeping labels.

9 Jun, 2014


Everything looks great your geraniums and peony are ahead of mine here in Wales we have a lot of rain which all plants need but not enough Sun ! :))

9 Jun, 2014


Everything looks so healthy and colourful Dorjac. Shame about the eggs and young blackbirds taken by the Magpies, but that's nature in the raw. Everything eats something else to keep alive. We eat meat, and fish, but some people don't like the thought that an animal or fish has to be killed for us to do so.

10 Jun, 2014


Lindak.... I do realise it is nature. Some of it is down to what we create. Last night on Springwatch there was an adder robbing a nest of young,in a bramble thicket, leaving one, entirely natural. The RSPB made islands in a shallow lake within fencing for birds to nest. A badger climbed the fence, swam out, and robbed all the nests on one island. Not so sure about this one. Our garden is way ahead Kidsgran. Another long hot sunny day will see it go blooming silly. Thanks Steragram I'll look that up. Scottish, I'm so pleased about this peony root. The other root made one lovely flower. Needs a lot of support. Gee they had these giant Sweet Teas at the Essex Garden show and no tiny ones anywhere. To my surprise it's a Heucherella. Linda it would look great in one of your lovely flower arrangements.....lovely soft perfume too. TT thanks very much.

10 Jun, 2014


p.s. Dorjac, Your Campanula is lovely. They seem to do well in pots don't they.

10 Jun, 2014


Some really lovely plants Dorjac plenty there to fill up your senses.

10 Jun, 2014


I forgot to say Gee that the county roses don't seem to have a perfume at all. I like the single petals with the open centre for the bees.
Essex blooms over and over again too.

10 Jun, 2014


Good to see your garden, lots going on, some lovely plants and loads of colour, shame to hear about the blackbirds....... That's nature for you....

14 Jun, 2014


Thanks DD. I was so upset. Then I saw Springwatch in a more natural setting and realised how nature works. Last Friday I opened the back door to see feathers everywhere in both borders either side of the path. I think one of the newly minted pigeons was slaughtered by evil back and white cat (he ran off, and the poor pigeon died soon after). They were in the nest above in the Hawthorn tree. Not a good year for the birds in our garden.

16 Jun, 2014


Oh dear........we have cat scarers in the garden, although I love cats and had them for many years, I just got fed up with clearing up the mess!! from other peoples pets (ours used litter trays...

16 Jun, 2014


I squirted him yesterday with my new toy, like a giant syringe, my OH got on Amazon. We kept cats for over thirty years, but I hate the dedicated bird hunters. nb&w is very defiant, like a lot of dominant cats, but that may cure him of defiantly lurking...he is new to the garden.

17 Jun, 2014


Would like to have seen you with your giant new toy lol

25 Mar, 2015

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