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Late April blossoms


By dorjac


The apple blossom this year has been amazing. I cannot recall a better year. I found an old bag of those round bobbles of fertiliser and put it all around everything in February when the ground was clearer and I think it has done the trick. Also I did not realise that Erysymums got so massive. I have just cut some back of the deep red ones. The tulips have lasted a long time. The odd warm day tempts them out. Then a series of cooler days keeps them going longer.
The 3 graces are all in sync this year and Charlotte on the right has more blossom than ever before. Plus a very busy clematis to compensate for no apples ever since being planted

This pretty blossom is on the left tree at the end. a very vigourous tree with tasty apples

This is Discovery, a very early ripener but not a good producer of apples. /more fertiliser perhaps?

This is naughty Charlotte who is like the Nut Tree that nothing will she bear, so got a friendly clematis for company. Lots of blossom this year as well. Might yield an apple pie yet!The frame in front supports an enormous Veronicastrum still to get going.

Showy 2nd time round parrot tulips and a sleeping cat under the Hawthorn, a large ginger moggie I have never seen before.

Flouncy parrot tulips when they suddenly bloomed after a rather warm day. Very tall so I grew then in a support frame pot.

Short double tulips in the cleared border. Planted rather late but have done really well.

The full border with the Erysymums in the near view. Red has since mostly been cut back, as it suddenly became very tatty looking after a frosty night.

Expensive multicolour Erysymum. After some hunting about I managed to get a smaller pot for less money from a nursery that grows some plants from cuttings. Not easy to find a one off plant.

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Lovely show of colours there Dorjac. The apple blossom does look good although one of our espalier trees doesn't seem to have a lot this year. My little Mason bees have hatched out from the boxes so at least we know the blossom will be fertilised well.

4 May, 2015


Your trees are lovely, Dorjac, and I like the idea of apple pie (and crumble!). Like you I didn't realise that the Erysymiums grew so tall - I do like them though for a lovely splash of colour. I have just bought some little ones from Ebay and they seem to be doing OK. The others were from the GC, buy one get one free! I like your multicoloured one very much. I have managed to take a few cuttings from mine and was surprised how easy they took - or maybe I was just lucky :)

I have just been out and watered the pots and new plants and now it has started to rain - typical, isn't it?

4 May, 2015


Your garden is an absolute picture Dorjac, so colourful, I too have lots of the Erysymiums, had some of them for years and yes they do get quite tall but are a very colourful sight and help disguise the leaves of the fading bulbs, lovely photo's, I enjoyed seeing your spring garden....

4 May, 2015


oh, lovely! the overall effect is gorgeous and each part is lovely in iself. I'd love to have an apple tree, but I've read abotu how you need two for pollination, and that the flwoering seasons must coincide, so I'm reeling a bit from TMI. Are yours eating or cooking apples, Dorjac? and do they cross-polliante? head about some self-pollinating ones, but don't know enough about it.

5 May, 2015


Loved a wander around your garden it's lovely love the covered seating area .

5 May, 2015


It is nice to have a sitting out area with a canopy over it Kidsgran. It was a carport kit which the firm that made it put up for us. The 1987 hurricane nearly blew it away. We anchored it in the howling wind with a rope and a wheelbarrow of crazy paving holding it down, about 3am. A terrifying night! Recently a canopy panel came loose,
hence the clamp.
Fran the apple and pear trees were mostly brought from our previous orchard garden. Kept heeled in, until garden professionally landscaped to our plan, and replanted nearly 30 years ago. They were all from Seabrookes, chosen with their help to be friendly pollinators. Naughty Charlotte we bought when one tree (Bramley) got too big for a small garden and very little fruit. We have grown apples for nearly 50 years. Still not very good at it. They can be very fickle. Pears seem easier.We have replaced as needed. So not all planted at once.

Thanks Linclass. Everything together blooming like crazy this year. Must be those old fertiliser bobbles. Gee I just did a few planned tasks yesterday and put the tools back and the rains came. My butts runneth over now.

5 May, 2015

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