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The June Garden 2015


By dorjac


A strange month. Cool, very dry indeed in this SE corner. Two totally dull days and quite a pleasant sunny day today but overcast by 2pm. Good job I was up early and watering with the hose, some plants are looking a bit short of water.

Wargrave Pink Geranium enjoying the shade and a bit of water too

A new Geranium Magnificum Rosemoor and a new Variegated leaf Erysimum Stars and Stripes with multicolour flowers.

Violas still going strong. Replanted after self seeding and lovely and colourful

Two Red Dream patio roses grown from cuttings come into bloom last few days. 2 Winston churchill hardy Fuchsias and favourite orange perlargoniums in a freshly cleared patch

Red Dream the parent of the 2 roses in border in the picture above.

Seven pokers on this kniphofia. A few part grown pears

The original encomis bulbs were in this pot for ages. Then a lavender flourished, growing large and coming out in full regalia before the encomis. The pot fell over in a gale. We glued it up with some squidgy stuff and here we are. The patient Encomis are in charge again!

A pot full of Sempervivums. Needed a bit of a rescue in early May and has responded well since. Two about to bloom. Sun shining through water drops looked like pink pearls on the leaves but did not show up in the photo.


I did not know potatoe flowers were so pretty. I grew a row of potaoes by accident. They must have been in something I threw out in that part of the garden where I throw old pot soil.

Never had so many of these seed cases or flowers before on this old plant. They need to come off as they drain the plant of energy to renew its strength. I usually leave one frond to develope the seeds.

Peonia Bowl of Beauty in full flower. Sorry not a perfumed one.Sarah Bernhardt is behind Bowl in bud and has a delicious perfume.

I think this county rose is either ESSeX or Hertfordshire, not sure which. It will bloom from now till Christmas and like to wander a bit. Last year it thought it was a climber and went up one of the apple trees.

Petit Marbled Burgundy doing very well in a pot on a wire stand, trying to discourage visitors ascending to munch leaves and lay eggs for their sweet little root destroyers.

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A lot going on in your garden.
Your Eucomis are a long way in advance of mine which I brought to my new garden(we loved in December) in pots.They are only just starting to poke up through the compost.

16 Jun, 2015


I wintered my Eucomis in the greenhouse Paul and it gave them a head start.

16 Jun, 2015


Oh right...thought they looked advanced.

17 Jun, 2015


I do like your red patio roses, very attractive. I have recently rescued a patio rose from the GC for £1. It is planted in the garden but no sign of flowers yet and I've no idea what colour it will be as it was label-less! Your peone is beautiful, so different from the usual ones.

What are those pea-like seeds, fascinating?

18 Jun, 2015


Lovely show of colour there DD. I have the same Heuchera as the one shown and I love it. So do the bees.
You were lucky with your patio rose cuttings. Hope you enjoy your new potatoes when you dig them.

19 Jun, 2015


It is a very good little Heuchera Lindak. Has good powers of recovery and blooms a long time.
The sparrows have decided to use the front of this little border for dust baths near the rose cuttings. There are a lot of them too. I'm really pleased the red roses have bloomed this year Gee. The green balls are the seed of Asphodel. I save one seed stem. They go brown and split open. I'll send some seed if you want to try and grow one.
I have some Encomis that grew from seed dropped from pots on the patio Linda. Getting quite large, I just let them get on with it. There is also an Eryngium planted itself in the huge Crinum pot and about to flower first time too. I think the birds plant a lot of the fine seeds.

19 Jun, 2015

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