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Catch up March/April into May. 2016.


By dorjac


I have some photos but seem to have no time to get round to putting them on GOY. Lots more to do as a carer for OH recently. Trying to keep up with the garden and other connections. I have cleared the border near the patio and replanted about 20 feet so far. Split the Heleniums and planted a couple of roses, including Gentle Hermione. Have 7 fuchsias to pot up or plant out as hardy. My 3 Winston Churchill fuchsias did not survive winter. I will put up photos soon as I can.

Happy Wedding Day fuchsia, not supposed to be hardy and has a huge flower and is a trailer but not small and has survived. Needs winter protection

This is the sky we will lose and the privacy if an application to build flats on this tiny plot over the back of our fence. Houses at the back (7) were built a few years back. 10 flats across the road in front, semi detached 4 bed next door but one and a big estate at the back of the houses opposite. We have done our share to house people!

Pansies on the fence in front of next door’s new conservatory.

Multicoloured Erysimum with green and white leaves called Stars and Stripes.

Parrot tulips in bud.

Self sewn primrose, been around a long time. Blooms for ages.

Second year for this group of tulips.

This Ribes is still alive but the top part died over the wintertime.

The lovely white camellia had only a few flowers this year and was pruned back at the top earlier this year in February 2016.

The Erysimum is blooming well now in May.

Honey Bee violas from GC this last weekend for the pots the tete a tetes occupied. Also bought a French Lavender.

Parrot tulips in their full dress parade.

Pink and little yellow tulips. Given by our neighbour as part of a lot of little packages at Christmas. Popped them in fast and they have done well.

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Look forward to seeing the pictures dorjac, sometimes it's hard to find the time to do everything you would like to do, looks like you have been very busy, I'm looking at the moment for a few fuchsias 4 for hanging baskets any recommendations? I'd like them to be different and hardy but I would take nonhardy if they really put on a show.

3 May, 2016


My Winston Churchill hasn't survived either - unless its a late developer...
Vic, even hardy fuchsias will struggle to survive the winter in a basket - you would be safer to plunge them into the ground. Lena is a hanging basket sort of hardy one,and so are New Milennium and Snowcap but most of the lax basket ones are tender.

3 May, 2016


Thanks Steragram I'll look them up

4 May, 2016


Thanks Vic. I have hardy fuchsias in the garden ages but not in baskets. Chequerboard is an old one with small flowers growing out of a crevice I never put it there. It has spread out from the crevice and can be vigorous in a wet summer. I have some Snowcaps lined up to pot on and fill border gaps. Just hung out the washing in gorgeous sunshine. Hoed in the border, dead headed tulips and topped up the fat balls for those greedy sparrows. OH is back resting. Washed changed and breakfasted and medicated. I'm glad you mentioned Snowcap Stera. My Winstons are still there to see if they are late, as you say.

4 May, 2016


They are building on every bit of spare land they can find here as well Dorjac, last year they even took away the childrens playground thats just at the back of our road, the new play area is stuck away in one corner, about a tenth of its original size, built it on a hill that actually looks quite dangerous really, still closed off while the weeds/grass grows.
It seems you are very busy at the moment with caring for your hubby as well as the garden and the housework, hope you find time to relax unless of course you are like me and class your gardening as just that, lol.
You have some very pretty colours in your garden, I do like that multicoloured Erysimum, its very attractive both flowers and the leaves, is it perfumed as well......

4 May, 2016


Hi dorjac those are some beautiful flowers you have there think ill make a list I'd like a few of these in my own garden very nice, That Happy Wedding Day fuchsia is exactly what I'm looking for! a hanging basket idea I have really like that thanks for sharing.

4 May, 2016


Those dear little tulips in the last picture seem to be lining up to admire your lovely garden.

4 May, 2016


Hi Vic. Happy w day is a tricky plant. The flowers can be so profuse and heavy, they can snap off the stem carrying them. Def not hardy, but survived this last winter, as so mild. I have always grown as upright in a big pot with a clip on frame. It would look fantastic in a big hanging pot but need a bit of muscle to get it down to protect it. So you are a fellow sufferer Lincsclass. You got Prescotted like we did. Apart from everything else the arrival of supplies is noisy, huge cranes to deliver roof and flooring . scaffolders swear and and landscapers play loud pop music. I played African drumming back in defiance. Then the kids squeal and BBQ smoke wafts over and tenants chat till midnight...too old to move.

5 May, 2016


Lots of sympathy for that Dorjac. I hate it when you go out for a peaceful stroll round the garden and all you can hear is a neighbour's pop music - even worse when the smell of burning fat drifts over from their barbecue. Sometimes have been tempted to take a radio outside and play something loud and classical to make a point...African drumming is a brilliant idea, but I don't suppose they took the hint?

5 May, 2016


You've done a lot already in your garden, Dorjac, I have managed to do some tidying but today was the first time I had to pot on some plants and repot others. It was such a lovely warm day. Lifting all the bricks around the front lawn and then relaying them took a day and then I had trouble unbending! It is sad when so much building is done without much thought to the impact it has on the locality and current residents. Everything is growing beautifully in your garden, and I love those honey bee violas, so pretty.

6 May, 2016


Thanks Stera. It's nice and quiet today. Next door hate the smoke from the BBQ next door to them and smuts on their washing from the new build house, which is let to in comers, as the owners have been abroad for nearly two years. The young mums who live there are charming and always stop to speak. The landscapers went a lot quieter after I assaulted them with chanting and drumming..gosh Gee I'm not surprised you couldn't straighten up. I planted out one ex Tete a Tete pot with half the honey bee violas. They make me smile...such cheery little plants! Then I had to go indoors as it got too hot. Today it is a sneaky 80 degrees, but a lot more cloud about. The erysimum is called sugar and spice.

7 May, 2016


Smashing little violas. They make me smile also.

18 May, 2018

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