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Garden in March 2017


By dorjac


After a few really lovely days everything is on the go. Temp was 20 centigrade at 3pm. Next door’s magnolia has started to open its thousands of blooms against a clear blue sky. Wonder what our new neighbour will make of this large tree so dominant in their garden? My grasses in the cleared border have wintered OK, but not that well placed.
The camellias are late this year due to severe frosts in February. They hung back, as they do, waiting for more congenial weather. Wise plants. I have a new computer with windows 10 and having a job getting the pictures on to the blog. Keeps telling me it can’t find the page. Then you find it has found the page
This Camellia is the best ever due to steady downfalls of rain over the winter and kept back by frosts in February.

This marvellous tree is in next doors garden. It looks wonderful in spring. It has its downside of shade and tough leaves that skeletonise rather than rot down well. I think the new neighbours are assessing its worth as a garden ornament.

It was small when we moved here 30 odd years ago.

This plant is much deeper colour than it looks on the screen. It has thrived on the just right amount of rain we had over the winter. Grown larger than last year.

This primrose planted itself here a long time ago and clung on doggedly through heatwave and drought. Just shows that if a plant wants to be in a place it will thrive there. It is a ‘wild’ one.

I planted these grasses last year towards autumn and they have come through well. The tete a tete daffs have done well where planted in the garden. Primrose cuddled up to the path is another one taken up residence uninvited.

Whoopee I managed to get another picture in using google.

Whoops got another camellia in on the silver Mac pad and its got a twin. As I’m using the mac for the first time to go on GOY, I couldn’t find the finger pad move to do it. On this one I backspaced it out in edit.

Magnolia is now in amazing bloom in bright, cold morning sunshine it is 9 degrees C and the wind is blowing and the petals are in the garden, just a few. They soon vanish, the worms must relish them.

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I am glad you managed to get all those lovely photos on here for us to admire Dorjac..... your Spring garden has certainly sprung..!!

16 Mar, 2017


Lovely photos, but that last one of the camelia is just gorgeous! Your garden must look very pretty indeed.

16 Mar, 2017


Thanks DD and Wild rose. A bit of a fight today to get to do this blog. If the second picture is on the other computer I can eliminate it from that using the mouse. The camellias are really late this year. The bad frosts in February made them put a hold on flowering. I noticed the layout of the screen to take up pictures is different on the other computer. This screen is is an update from the old screen!
I shall plod on and keep trying.

16 Mar, 2017


lovely blog and I hope the neighbours don't chop the magnolia down as you get the benefit of its beautiful blooms.
my camellia is in tight bud still.

16 Mar, 2017


The two guys who just moved out would have chopped it down a while back if I had not pleaded with them to let it stay. The new couple next door are very pleasant. He had to clear up the leaves which they didn't bother to do before they moved out in January. I think that was a wordless message to say what a mess this tree makes! I have a big hawthorn tree and it makes a mess. The birds love it in the mornings. They sunbath and preen, court and chase one another, especially the blackbirds who come over here from Scandinavia. The pigeons like the fresh buds too.

16 Mar, 2017


A strange thing has happened this year after the steady rains we had since autumn time. The grape was pruned back by our garden helper in mid December. When the sun gets on it now it is dripping pure water from a few cut ends. It has been there for 25+ years in all. I cannot recall this happening previously.

16 Mar, 2017


Its a good thing that your new neighbours can see the Magnolia doing its thing before they decide whether to keep it. Fingers crossed! Your camellias are gorgeous, you must be so pleased with them. Its nice when wild prims seed around - they and snowdrops spread like mad here while some other things won't grow at all - horses for courses...

16 Mar, 2017


What a stunning Magnolia. I have noticed around here, the magnolias of all kinds seem to be fuller with flowers this year.
And, those Camellias are smashing. I miss having one on my garden but not enough room in this garden of ours for big shrubs.

16 Mar, 2017


Hi Paul you can grow Camellias and cut them back. I cut 3 of mine back last year and my brother has a very small garden. He has 3 and they are well controlled. One of them he cut right back and it looks good now. Started small they don't grow very fast. Must be the the soil Steragram. I have tried to grow snowdrops, they just vanish. Or the fox digs them up like it dug up some tulip bulbs

17 Mar, 2017


I have a friend up in Staffordshire who has tried and tried to grow them without success. Strange isn't it - they have spread into woodland in lots of places here and look marvellous. Are you sure it was the fox that had the tulips? I've been blaming the badger.

17 Mar, 2017


Yes, I used to train mine,flat(ish) against the wall at my old garden but, tjere really isn't room here for many shrubs!

18 Mar, 2017


Seeing your beautiful camellias makes me impatient for mine to flower so I will enjoy looking at yours for now.

19 Mar, 2017


Thanks Stroller. Amazing how a bit of distance further north affects flowering time of Camellias. Mine go from Christmas to May. Very much dependent on weather and water throughout the year. One year, they all flowered together late March/April. It looked good but the winter garden lacked colour.

20 Mar, 2017

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