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By dorjac


More sunshine today but cold, as it was yesterday when I got lots done in the garden tiding up after not being able to garden as much as I liked. My husband was so unwell it was difficult to be out in the garden any length of time. He has been dead now for over a year. Lots to sort out. Difficult to get back on GOY too. Been introduced into a new church by a young friend. Making new friends and taking part in seniors groups there too. Every thing is a bit over grown including my favourite Hawthorn, which was dropping leaves in June! Last year it was the same, but I had too much on my plate to arrange expert opinion. Had it scaled down recently and leaves have ceased to be shed. The foxes have made a takeover bid while the garden was relatively neglected. Strange items strewn around, nappies, plastic bottles, packaging. Mining under shed and gazebo. Patio pots knocked over and so on.

This is an ancient photo. I don’t seem to be able to select new ones! The chimney pot is a foxhole blocker and the face pot has a fox crack.

Found a photo from 2018 of the tree peony that did not bloom as well this year as in this photo in 2018. The foxes use the height of the roses and this tree peony to dig holes under the camellias. I think I will pause now while I’m winning. I’m going next door to check out their big lively Bengal cat while my young neighbours are away. He is a hunk of a cat. Very playful and affectionate. The latest foxy trick is to leave 3 dirty nappies under Gentle Hermione rose and a dead half grown rat in the middle of the ‘lawn’! Good news yesterday. Planning permission refused for 4th time for building work behind the fence at the end of the garden. Going to try and get a new photo on GOY now. Can’t fathom out how to upload new photos. Used to be so simple.



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Hello to you, welcome back to the fold, sorry to hear that your husband had passed away, hopefully the pain of loosing a much loved one is easing a little....
Foxes are a nightmare, can you not deter them somehow, perhaps a GOY member might be able to help, we put up alarms and it seemed to help, bought from a well known online store!!!
As for loading photographs.....depends what you are using, mobile phone, computer, tablet? there will be someone able to help you...
That Paeony photo many blooms!!
Hopefully we will be able to see more photos from your garden......take care(。♡‿♡。)(✿ ♡‿♡)

30 Jul, 2019


Welcome back Dorjac, so very sorry to read your sad news, pleased to hear you are getting out and have made some new friends at the church, its also good to hear you are getting back into your garden, seems you have a very naughty fox, we are lucky as we don't get them in our gardens, I used to be envious of people who did but when reading of the damage and also the smell they leave behind I am actually quite relieved.
I hope you manage to get your photo's sorted, I'm not very good with all the teccie stuff so sorry I don't want to offer advice as I might confuse you even more, I'm sure somebody will be able to help you though, looking forward to hearing about your garden as you reclaim it, easy steps as they say, I always think enjoying it is more than half the battle, take care now...

30 Jul, 2019


So sorry to hear you are now on your but good that you are making new friends - perhaps one of them will be a gardener and enjoy watching your progress as you tackle the backlog! Finding nappies on the lawn is pretty disgusting - sending a very discouraging and rather rude message to Mr Fox...
Looking forward to seeing the area develop s you get to grips with it!

30 Jul, 2019


Nice to see you back Dorjac. Sad to hear of your loss but good that you are keeping busy and making new friends.

31 Jul, 2019


PS I did mean "on your own, but" not "on your but."...

31 Jul, 2019

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