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Our Pinot Noir Grapevine


By dorjac


All the lovely autumn leaves have dropped off our 22 year old vine. It took a long time for them to go in spite of the stormy weather. The leaves and grapes have been marvellous this year. It gives us shade. Helps with privacy and makes the canopy prettier than it is without the lovely fringe of leaves. It grew further then its usual 40 feet this year and went up the hawthorn tree as well as turning right.

These are the last of the grapes taken off on 26/11/09 when the grape was pruned. They have a lovely bloom on them. It brushes off at the slightest touch. they will stay outside till we are ready to eat them

Autumn leaves at the end of the vine above where it leaves the ground

Autumn leaves at the far end 40 odd feet away where it goes to the far end of the canopy

This is one of the regular points that it grows from after pruning each year. This is about the knobbliest one of them all.

This gives an idea of how it is supported, and what it is all supported by. the aluminium beams are quite substantial as the vine must be quite heavy.

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Very interesting. How about making some vino out of them? If you do send me afew bottles LOL

27 Nov, 2009


Fascinating photos....
I'll put this blog on GoYpedia Climbing Plants. :o)

27 Nov, 2009


Enjoyed your blog thanks.

27 Nov, 2009


Those grapes look lovely! Made me feel like a snack of cheese, biscuits and grapes :)
Very interesting to see how the vine grows. Hope the birds don't get to the grapes before you do.

27 Nov, 2009


Sorry Jean we once tried to make wine.It was horrible. It looked OK but tasted vile.....never tried since. I prefere Gees suggestion, as we have got some Stilton nearly walking out of the fridge. We always give the grapes a long bath before eating because creepy crawlies like them too.

27 Nov, 2009


I didn't realise vines had such lovely foliage.

30 Nov, 2009


I was really interested to see your lovely pictures of the vine, and even more with the covering over your pergola. I've got a weak-ish pergola which needs strengthening with better cross bars. however i have been trying to find the best material to cover it with, now i have a Brant vine growing up it. did you get something called OPAL Triplewall Polycarbonate? Or CLEAR Twinwall Polycarbonate? i was looking at exuded acrylic. i don't have a greenhouse, and i need to worry about it rattling in the wind. how does your's work? and do you have some vine in and some outside, so you can see the difference the covering makes? my vine is supposed to be great outside, but i can't resist giving it a little helping hand, because i'm greedy for those grapes!
judith in wirral

11 Dec, 2010

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