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By dot345


i have not got one pot left standing am heartbrocken all my dahlies are lying on the patio floor ornamants are blown over wind is really bad here all the eating apples are blown down and the damsons most ot cooking apples thankfully my neighbours come and help themselves to there are too many for us so we give them awaysadly no eaters to give away now thankfully my aviaries are all strong and safe dot345

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How frustrating! I'm so sorry. Wind, wind go away be very gentle when u come back again.

12 Sep, 2011


Sorry to hear that, my beautiful rose arch came tumbling down this afternoon :((( the good thing is, I still got the root of the rose and Akebia, shall dig them out and plant elsewhere very soon.

12 Sep, 2011


I find the wind very scary Dot, I hate going outside in it. It's a shame about your pots but most of them will probably recover.

12 Sep, 2011


Oh dear Dot..sorry to hear this,it may be a bit better tomorrow..we had an arch blown over, but made sure everything is secure for tonight..its howling outside right now..i hope your aviaries get through it ok..:o)

12 Sep, 2011


How horrible. I hope you can rescue your dahlias and that your ornaments are not broken. The only damage we have had is two stems of a rose have broken off at the base and the sweet peas supports are leaning at a precarious angle.
Hope things will have calmed down by the time you come over to Wales!

12 Sep, 2011


Such a shame about your dahlias hence I did give a blog on warning people about the winds to batton down the hatches and protect their gardens. I would rather cut down before than lose them so the wind does nt do so much damage.

12 Sep, 2011

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