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Growing old seed?


By drc726


IN January’s Gardener’s World Magazine there is an article on growing old seeds.
I find some dates longer than I thought and some of you might be interested in them so I have copied the list:

Aubergines 4 years
Beans 3 years
Beetroot 5 years
Brassicas 4 years
Carrots 2 years
Celery 2 years
Courgettes 4 years
Cucumbers 5 years
Leeks 2 years
Lettuce 1 year
Onions 1 year
Parsnips 1 year
Peas 3 years
Peppers 2 years
Radishes 4 years
Salad leaves 3 years
Spinach 3 years
Swedes/Turnips 2 years
Sweetcorn 1 year
Swiss Chard 3 years
Tomatoes 3 years

Heat and moisture are usually the reason for failure so keep in cool and dry conditions

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Thanks drc thats good info to know.

28 Dec, 2011


Your welcome KFK

28 Dec, 2011


That is really useful to know - I always seem to have duplicate packets, or don't plant everything, and this way I can see what's worth keeping. Thank you Denise.

28 Dec, 2011


Its quite surprising how viable some seed is after a few years....especially when kept in the correct conditions. I suspect some seed companies under we buy more!!

28 Dec, 2011


In my favourites so I can refer to it.. I threw out courgette seed just the other day, according to that list it was viable.

Thanks D

28 Dec, 2011


I've got lots of old seeds, but they are all flowers. I know beens keep a long time, but I don't grow vegetables any more.

28 Dec, 2011


Thank you for this. The rule always used to be soft seed wont germinate a 2nd year, hard seed will keep 4 years. Its just having the RHS Seed Bank conditions.
Gardening gets more scientific, so we carry on learning.
Have printed up the list for my seed box.
Have asked our Hon.Sec.Science teacher how to make
Moongrow's Garlic Spray to get rid of the fly on Brassicas.
The money saved on seeds will buy more plants.

29 Dec, 2011


Glad to hear you all found it useful

29 Dec, 2011


I have always tried old seed and only bought new when I didnt get any germination. I have had greyhound cabbage to gerinate fro a pack I opened in 2002. Some times I soak a few on kitchen paper to see if there is life in them.

I did a stint at the millenium seed bank [Kew in the country Wakehurst Place],back in 2000. The set up is fantastic, well worth a visit if nothing else as all the work done is in full view of the public. It took a bit of getting used to, being a goldfish :o)

29 Dec, 2011


Thats really useful Drc, thankyou...

29 Dec, 2011

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