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Today starts 'The Big Butterfly Count 2018'


By drc726


The Big Butterfly Count 2018 is taking place from today, 20th July, to 12th August, and asks you to log sightings of butterflies.

The campaign, run by the Butterfly Conservation charity, will help identify trends in species and butterfly conservation efforts so scientists can understand the effect of climate change on wildlife.

As butterflies react quickly to changes in their environment, a decline in their numbers can be an early indicator for other forms of wildlife.

As in 1976 the extreme dry weather will affect caterpillars which means the number of Butterflies will be a down even more.

It only takes 15 mins in your garden so why not take the time to do it.

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It won't take long to count two cabbage whites....there have been hardly any butterflies here this summer. Not even the Woodland Brown, and we normally have heaps of those round the brambles. Not one red admiral and a single sighting of a holly blue. Probably see none at all in 15mins! Will give it a go - thanks for the info.

20 Jul, 2018


Hi Drc, not many here either, apart from cabbage whites, there always seems to be plenty of those around, Derek.

20 Jul, 2018


Thank you for the reminder Denise I ve seen an unusual shape to the normal ones I see here black one with a bit of fluorescent blue in the centre but was told they dont come here one painted lady lots of cabbage whites red admiral little blue ones not sure if they are moths speclewoods one peacock .

20 Jul, 2018


Thanks I'll try to do this.

21 Jul, 2018


Thanks Denise, in actual fact I have noticed quite a number of butterflies appearing in the last few days, will have to log them, definitely an improvement on last year.....

21 Jul, 2018


I did it today and sadly it was just 7 - 1 large white and 6 small white. So far 17547 counts have been logged.

21 Jul, 2018


PS - I did see a Woodland Brown today - just one and nothing else...
3d could you little blue one be a Holly Blue? We get those occasionally.

21 Jul, 2018


I'm in the US, but I've noticed several species of butterflies I had never seen before such as; The Painted Lady & Red Admiral. Up until maybe 3 years ago, these butterflies were typically found further south.

22 Jul, 2018


A timely reminder - thank-you. It's been a great year for butterflies here in Norfolk and we've had loads of varieties in our garden. Must do a count.

26 Jul, 2018

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