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sunny sunday


By drc726


Found three rockery plants at the sale today one is a miniture Jacob’s Ladder? didnt know they came that small – well time will tell.

Scarifying and feeding the back lawn regularily this last 2 years has really improved the grass its thicker greener and hardly any weeds must do it on the front. I was given a tip about small bare patches just rough up with a fork and sprinkle fresh grass cuttings over it and keep moist well it certainly worked for me.

Started to tidy up the rockery today a sure sign that summer will not last that much longer. Once it gets to October I wish I could fastforward to the spring and enjoy the garden all over again. Although I have quite a few perrenials to move or devide this year, some winter pruning, the winter flowering jasmine to enjoy and the hungry birds and of course christmas which I love and the first snowdrops so perhaps not!

I also raked over the wood chip really do like this as it keeps certain areas maintainace free.

When I first moved here I discovered cocoa nut shell as a mulch. Bought 5 big bags and put it every where! the following year we had a very bad attack of brown moth and had to replace all the down stairs carpets they lay their whatever! under heavy dark furniture such as bookcases and you do not see it until the holes start to peep out from the furniture and when you move the furniture and investigate the holes are as big as dinner plates and it is not covered by insurance. I have always believed they were living in the cocoa nut. Once it rotted right down the month problem stopped

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I put cocoanut shell down one year and it disappeared within a few weeks.

16 Aug, 2009


I don't think I'll bother with coconut shell mulch then. I agree with you there are things I'd miss if I were to fast forward to the spring. I enjoy it in it's turn but every season has it's glories. Summer is my leasy favourite - it's always too wet or too hot. Not keen on Christmas - too much fuss and bother for me but I love cold crisp mornings and bare trees with a clear blue sky and winter flowering bulbs etc

17 Aug, 2009


I totally agree with you on fast forwarding from October to Spring drc although it is nice to be out gardening on a bright crisp day I hate winter too, not least because it has Christmas in it (with you there Hywel).
Looking at old photos I see how good my lawn used to look in the days when I did lots of scarifying and feeding , it really does pay off so I must try and do better now!

17 Aug, 2009


Well I like the winter ( except at Christmas or when it snows )

17 Aug, 2009


Even worse when it snows AT Christmas then Hywel? :o((

17 Aug, 2009


lol :o)

17 Aug, 2009

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