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Syringa vulgaris


By dreeny8


Last year I was so proud of my Lilac which after much nurturing following our arrival here produced masses of beatiful blooms, I called it “The Star”. Not so this year.
I didn,t prune heavily but I think the harsh winter has taken it’s toll. It is perfectly healthy but from what I can see of the forming buds there are about a dozen flowers. Anyone else had this happen?

Due to the ice and snow I have lost 2 Escallonia, a Pieris, Datura, 2 Hebes, 3 Cordylynes and a Eucalyptus.
The Eucalyptus I was not unhappy about because it was due for removal. I understand that there is a new Cordylyne disease which incorporated with the harsh winter saw off a lot of them.

Sorry this blog is such a tale of woe.


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It was such a bad winter that many plants died. I have had several looses aswell. I hope your lilac recovers for next year

15 Apr, 2011


Like you Dreeny, I have lost my Escalonia `gold brian` and `gold ellen` a choisya `sundance` a Coronilla `citrina` also my much prized Crinodendron hookeranium which I have rushed out and replaced.
I did move my small white lilac in November last year and to my surprise it has survived and has about half a dozen blooms on it.
It is sad losing shrubs but gardening is like life you get knocked back but pick yourself up and move on.
So happy gardening for the rest of this year.

15 Apr, 2011


Sorry you have lost so many plants :o( I am bringing on quite a few soft wood cuttings If I have success I will pass some along.

15 Apr, 2011

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