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Frogs demise


By driad


Well eventually this year we must have had some frog sporn although I never saw it .
We have had really hot dry weather here in East Anglia , l can’t remember when it last rained even .
Anyway , I found a dried , black frog in the middle of my lawn a few days ago , probably died in the effort of getting back to the pond . Then two days ago I found one alive , very black , nearer to the pond ; I helped him by catching him in the fishing net and putting him in the pond . He was dead the next morning .
Yesterday , yet another dried up under one of the apple trees .
Any ideas as to what is wrong , please ?
Is it just the heat ?
We’re sadly running out of frogs !

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I have frogs of all sizes in my front and back garden for over 20 years in the damp and shady areas and I also watch them jump out of the pond at dusk but have never seen any frog spawn, this may be down to the newts in my pond as they eat it. But it maybe that frogs return to where they were born to spawn and I do not get any in my pond.

3 Sep, 2019


Contact the garden health wildlife initiative for advice.

3 Sep, 2019


This is just awful. My son's garden in Sweden is full of frogs. They have a small lake. The trouble is the cats bring them into the house.

3 Sep, 2019


Oh dear that doesn't sound good, I have loads here, I have found a couple that have died but that is over many months, not just a few days, I'm no expert but if caught out in the heat then yes the frog would die, however your ones had to have had something wrong with them because otherwise they would have gone either back to the pond or somewhere damp, shady and cool, even today in all the sunshine mine were still going walkabout, I have to be careful when working around the beds and borders, make sure they don't show themselves when my dogs or the cat are with me, if that happens I guide them back to the ponds, a frog plays dead if its in danger, in the heat we've been having recently if that was to happen said frog would soon dry out, is that a possibility in your garden Driad..

3 Sep, 2019


Drc728 , you are probably right , maybe the fish eat them . We have a walled garden , so frogs cannot hop in from elsewhere .
Hi Stena, Linda and Lincslass , I think that I may have solved the mystery . OH put some weedkiller on one of the paths about 10 days ago . Although they weren't coming from that direction , they might have been over it ! Yet another remonstration with him !
I was showing my daughter the area near the pond today , (she is an environmentalist ) , she was as upset as I am about it , when she spotted a headless one ! Now , I know who to blame for that one : Bella , my semi-feral young cat . She brought a bat into the house for me to find under the settee the other day . That really upset the daughter !
Hey ho .

5 Sep, 2019


Oh dear !!! husbands, they just don't think sometimes do they, although its sad, that is better than some sort of disease spreading amongst them, hopefully you won't lose more.
Our Toffee is quite a young tomcat, he has brought us a gift nearly every day for weeks now, we think its because the garden next door looks as though its a meadow, back and front, it must be home to a vast number of creatures, naturally he thinks he's being good, thankfully no bats...

5 Sep, 2019


Your pond is reeking with hydrogen disulfide-H2S- this gas is formed by bacteria and has the odor of rotten eggs. It reacts with metal ions in the water to form black salts. This is why your frogs are turning black and dying. If there is no way to get some fresh water into the pond everything in it will die.

22 Sep, 2019

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