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Aggh Aggh Aghhhhhh!


By ducky


Yesterday evening my terrier (Ginger) destroyed my nursery bed. It was very wet and rainy and she came indoors covered in mud looking ever so pleased with herself.
I just knew she had been up to no good. On going outside I found that she had really had a great time digging up all my broccoli, peppers, outdoor tomato plants, several trays of bedding plants as well as getting inside a big bag of multipurpose compost which is now generously strewn all over.
I was livid. Months of sowing, thinning, potting on,watering – Im not going to say any more – I might cry.

Still there is always next year…………

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Aw what a shame Ducky, can't you salvage anything? Pets, who'd 'ave 'em?

24 Jul, 2009


Oh Ducky, that's must be so upsetting, all that hard work and anticipation down the drain. You're not having much luck lately are you? Ginger must really be in the doghouse now.

24 Jul, 2009


Oh Ducky i no what it`s like i had it to with my Boxer Balboa cud have cried my self:~( but it`s in there nature to have a good digging hour.We dont let him into garden now just done to much damage ,built him a great big pen, give him plenty of walks.I no it doesn`t compensate for lost plants,all the hard work,but wat can you do ,hope you saved some plants,veg.Give Ginger a hug from me anyway :~))))))

24 Jul, 2009


O No poor u Ducky all that hard work :(

24 Jul, 2009


O M G. :~O
I don't know what else to say, I've just lost all my toms and some potatoes to the dreaded blight plus all my peas to mildew but that is a natural thing. I don't know how I would cope if it had been a pet

24 Jul, 2009



24 Jul, 2009


Oh Ducky... what a nightmare! Now you know why we have siamese cats not dogs.

24 Jul, 2009


uh oh!!

bless your heart

I love siamese cats Moongrower or they long or short hair?

x x x

24 Jul, 2009


Ducky there is nothing one can say to help at the moment except to say as a pet owner I do understand.......

24 Jul, 2009


Mookins Siamese all have very short fur

24 Jul, 2009


really....oh ours must have been cross bred then

didnt know that
he had such a noisy meow

x x x

24 Jul, 2009


Some of the Burmese have slightly longer fur but a purebred Siamese has short fur. I'd be surprised if it were a Siamese cross, when you buy the kittens from a breeder you have to sign a form stating you will have them neutered and not attempt to breed from them. We know the breeder we got our two girls from and she checks up on folk she doesn't know to make sure they do get the kittens neutered

25 Jul, 2009


Now having got over the initial anguish and having salvaged two broccoli plants, several tomatoes and one pepper - I can see the funny side ;0) , Ginger looked rediculous, bedraggled and I realise how bad an actress she is when she is trying to look contrite.
I now have more of a challenge to get some other stuff growing. My Dad has given me some of his Diorama, and I have ordered loads of new stuff from a seed catalogue so its clear up and go again time.

I should be glad to have such varied hobbies and interests that they constantly challenge one another (that was my Pollyanna moment)

Plus I mustnt grump - my three new ducklings wouldnt like it!

27 Jul, 2009

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