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May at last.


By dungy


Good evening wellington wearing people,

Well its the 1st of May and here in france May is a bad time to have any building or outside work done by contractors,

May in france is the one month when they have about 4 bank holidays & take the 2 hour dinner time break and the couple of days in the week the french do work! And i think you’ve got the idea,(not a lot gets done)

But it is thought of as the summertime ie frost should have well gone and the weather for us garden lovers should be really summery!!!!

Dont you believe it,

it was thunder & lightning early this morning and by 6 am the rain really came down,

Ive a 3 thousand Litre water container thats filled via the garden shed gutter’s and inspite of it only being half filled yesterday,
This morning it was almost to the top,

But its like a sunday as far as the roads go “very little traffic” and the wild life is having a ball now the shooting season has come to an end (im really pleased about that)

But inspite of my greenhouse near bursting point with verious plants needing to go on the outside hardening off bench to make way for all the greenhouse stuff!

I just can’t get to grip with the tidy-up work in the borders to plant on.

April really has been a hold up month this year for us gardeners but not for the weeds.

Ive got my sister-in-law coming to stay in a few weeks time and i wanted the garden to really look its best,

She’s an American and say’s some odd comments like

“I just love your pokey old fashioned home with all this wood work, (beamed cielings)

And “Hey” you guys have a fantastic back yard “who looks after all this place?”

Last time they visited i did say bring some walking boots with you! And we’ll go for some lovely country side track walks,

she turned up in yellow knee high plastic boots,

After their first nights stay and when we we’re having breakfast i asked did you sleep well?

No she replied, It’s to quiet, !!!!!!!!!!!!

She thinks my wife is fantastic because she can cook,
Back in thier home they go out for all meals and she was telling me they’ve never used their cooker.

So im hoping the May weather really gets a lot better than aprils weather and i can sort our back-yard out.

Be good and happy gardening to you all,
Regards Dungy.

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So what does your OH make of her sister in law comments.I assume that's a brothers wife.

1 May, 2013


What a laugh ! Takes all sorts to make a world. This idea of the Americans going out for breakfast surfaced about ten years ago. Now it seems they go out for all meals !
What on earth do they do with their lives ?

2 May, 2013


Thank goodness for the light evenings, there is soooo much to do in the garden at the moment, mowing, weeding, feeding, mulching, sowing, pricking out, potting on etc etc. My body is showing its age and struggling to cope but isn't it lovely to be able to get hands properly dirty after such a prolonged period of hibernation!

2 May, 2013


Here in Lincs May has come in smiling Dungy, both yesterday and today have been glorious, in fact its was very hot on my patio and teabreaks were taken down the bottom shadier part of the garden, however its still very cold at night and we've awoken two mornings this week to very sharp frosts, like yours my g'houses are starting to be very crowded but daren't move the plants out yet, needless all indoor tasks done in record time so as I can be outside...

2 May, 2013


The sunshine so far this month has been wonderful, but there has still been a chill in the air, I've only had one cuppa in the garden so far this year.
Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the greenhouse, setting out the tomatoes and cucumbers in their growbags, had to come out to cool off and get a breath of fresh air a couple of times, but it was lovely to feel the heat of the sun once again.

5 May, 2013

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