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By dungy

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Hi all you earth lovers,
Well todays been just like yesterday, sunny but cool,
It’s not been warm enough to have your shirt off (Thats the only time i look really firm, and can pose)

It’s that freezing cold feel,

Ive read a thing today about the old way clothing was made years ago and it was about this farm worker who bought a coat from the red cross and as he said inspite of this harrison tweed coat being very old it still had life in it and was really warm in the worst of the winter weather,

As he went through the pockets he found a sewn in patch that had the owners name and date when the coat was first bought, 1948.
Infact the coat was 2 years older than it’s new owner.

But all this info and the new tech of today ie the www pc.
got the new owner wanting to know all he could about how come this and many other older made garments lasted so long,
He found out verious stories of these overcoats being tested by jumping into tanks of water while wearing the coats to see if infact you’d float back up to the surface
due to the wool and weave keeping the air inside the coat instead of you sinking to the bottom!!
And having tested this method the coat was then left to dry-out to see if it had shrunk and if the shape was still the same,
It had’nt shrunk & it kept its shape and non of the colours had run.

Only when all these test we’re completed to the makers
satisfaction was the garment deemed good enough for manufacture.

Many stories came back of verious people who worked in the bad weather of having found due to real mis-haps while dealing with sheep up on the moors etc that these well made garments really did stand the test of both weather and mans needs.

When i did a lot of weekend hill walking i would offten be enjoying a pub meal in some out of the way places and i’d see many farm worker come into the pub wearing these long tweed coats but i never really understood the reason behind why they had them on.

So if you want or are thinking of a really worth while winter coat?
Treated tweed may be the answer.

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I haven't any tweed coats, but one that I wear quite often is at least 25 years old and still gets admired :)

7 Mar, 2014

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