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Did it do you any harm?


By dungy


Evening all,
What a day! Ive been outside all day sorting (at a nice pace) the row of red robins (phontina) i put in a few years ago to give the greenhouse a bit of protection from wind,
Ive removed some grass from the base of these and fed crushed chicken pellets.

A nice day and a very much enjoyed one,

The thing about working away in the garden is that inspite of knowing what your doing you still have time to think about allsorts of things,
Let me explain,

Ive been having a nice chat with one member (Aquilegia) about Liverpool and as we lived in the same city but a few miles away it’s nice to remember the child hoods we both had,

I dont think she’ll mind my telling you all that her and her sisters used the good old tin bath on sunday nights ready for school on monday,
But Aquilegia went on to say the house had warm and life in it because it was always full of people both adults and the younger one’s and because of this the younger one’s always had someone to put them back on the right path should they go wrong, and if needed the smack was used,

Well i remember having a few smacks (always deserved)
and my mum really didnt give second chances,

But as you get older even as a child you get wiser “Or do you?”
My mum would if i’d done somthing bad?
would tell me to go and get something for her to hit me with (the slipper)

If i’d had had any brain’s I’d had gone and got a feather
to be hit with!!!!!!!! & left the slipper hidden away.

But the odd smack never did me any harm and it did make me think twice before i repeated the same mistake.

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i have had many a wash in a tin bath, but was always last being the youngest.
for the record, used to hate a smack justified or otherwise.

10 Mar, 2014


nice blog to read...
i was taught from a very good source that a smack is ok providing it was never done in temper and the child understood exactly why he/she was receiving it..
sadly when i got a smack it was done in temper...
i think i liked your blog because it showed the correct balanced side to loving discipline...

10 Mar, 2014


I can honestly say I was never smacked but my oh my one look from my father was enough to make me quake in my shoes. The saying that stays with me the most was "never say anything really hurtful that you may regret as once it leaves your mouth you can never retract it, however sorry you may be".

11 Mar, 2014


Hi Stroller,
Thats a good one ref when it leaves your mouth,

My mum had some sayings that i never really worked out like

"If ive told you once "ive told you twice and i wont tell you a third time!!!!!!!!!!!

And her favourit that made me shake in my shoes was the dreaded,
Wait till your father gets home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think i learned the 6 o'clock time before any other (he arrived home at 6pm)
That was when all men worked.

11 Mar, 2014


Happy times Dungy even with the rules we lived by, which meant being in bed by 7pm even in the summertime, lol...try that with todays offspring..
Until I was 5yrs old we shared a house with an aunt, the lavvie as it was known was outside down the yard and I can remember sitting in the bath in front of the fire, the water had been heated in a brick built copper that was built into the kitchen which in those days was known as the scullery and the lighting was by gasmantles, I can remember the excitement when moving into our own house where we had two toilets one upstairs in the bathroom and the lights turned on by a switch, mind you our upstairs bathroom was a darn sight colder in those days so my mum still used to bathe the little ones in front of the fire in our new house, that same tin bath later came in useful when bathing the dog, lol..
I've had many a smack in my time, slipper was used if we were very bad, actually the hand always hurt more, truth to tell the nasty rows that became the punishment when we were too old for a smack have stayed in my memory more than a smack ever did..
I always have said there is a very big difference between a smack and a beating but do actually think that words can hurt more.........`

11 Mar, 2014


Your dead right ref words,
Im amazed that a lot of the tv programs such as "come dine with me ,
And 3 in a bed have such nasty people saying things to people they've only just met.

We'd never have a meal in someones house and ask how they cooked it,
Or tell people I'd found a fish bone in the fish and make a big issue of it.

One thing my gran did make me understand was how to say thank you / please etc
And as for burping and blowing off at the table!!!!
It's not funny,
Ive seen people on the likes of Jeremy kyle coming out with all kinds of sex acts they got up to and i wonder if they ever think that gran or mum & dad may be watching them.

No in a lot of ways we really have lost the plot
"But" as far as im concerned i can walk down any street and never worry ive let my gran down in those sorts of ways.

11 Mar, 2014



12 Mar, 2014

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