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Plastic Pots


By eirlys


As part of our de-cluttering campaign Daughter and I helped him indoors clear out all the plastic pots. Some were stored neatly away; some had hidden themselves all over the two greenhouses and cold frames.

To his amazement we accumulated eleven bin sacks full of pots, so many he phoned the Environmental people to ask where they could be re-cycled. The simple answer was, they couldn’t be.

We telephoned various charities and gardeners we knew, and no one wanted them. So they ended up at the Dump.

I am sure we aren’t the only ones with stacks of plastic pots. How many thousands must there be in land fills? Do they ever disintegrate?

We have lots of terracota ones and have kept all those.

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I dread to think how many I have hidden away, I only throw them away when they split, our dogs do help with that though, I `m collecting them to make a flowerpot man, lol.....

5 Nov, 2012


Yes.. make Flower Pot People !!!

Adding this blog to GoYpedia...

guess which category ;o)

5 Nov, 2012


We have a local man who runs a garden business, designing and planting gardens. He's always happy to take plastic pots off our hands

5 Nov, 2012


We can recycle ours, have a plastic recycling bin, I did the same the other week, had to use a carrier bag for normal plastic recycling. Flobablob aw flobalob!!!!!

6 Nov, 2012


Well why couldn't ours be made use of? Honestly we were shocked to see how many pots there were in ELEVEN bin bags.

Several garden desgners are around here but weren't interested.

Never thought about Flowerpot Men!

eer....LincLass : do you have one you made earlier, please?

6 Nov, 2012


Eirlys ..
Not sure if you are aware that you can see lots of Flower Pot People by clicking on F in the alphabet at the base of the page ...

... then you'll see all the GoYpedia pages which begin with the letter F, and you can click on Flower Pot People.
I hope this helps :o)

6 Nov, 2012


Thank you, Terratoonie. Have just spent AGES looking at all those lovely Flowerpot People.

Notice they are all made from Terracotta pots. Still have lots of those and now have a future project in mind.

Didn't know about GoYpedia. Thanks for that info also.

6 Nov, 2012


Glad you enjoyed looking at GoYpedia, Eirlys. There are lots and lots of categories.

You can make Flower Pot People with plastic pots ..

here's the link to a photo in GoYpedia ...

6 Nov, 2012


I'm pleased you sorted your pots out. I put mine that I don't want, in the recycling sac. I'm surprised to hear they can't be recycled.

6 Nov, 2012


Hywel ... Challenge for you ..
Maybe make a flower pot cat ;o)

6 Nov, 2012


I haven't got any pots now ... they've all gone to the recycling tip. I'll have to collect some more :o))

6 Nov, 2012


Lol. I'm sure you'll soon collect some more empty pots ..
... Blodyn and Smokey will sit as models for you ;o)

6 Nov, 2012


;o) lol

6 Nov, 2012


>^..^< ___ =^..^=

Is that correct ? Lol.

6 Nov, 2012


That's them :o))

6 Nov, 2012

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