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Wet, wet, wet!


By eirlys


We live in the so-called “sunny South”. What a joke! It has done nothing but rain for weeks and the ground is absolutely saturated.

I suppose we should be grateful ; others are far worse off, but it is still sad to see the drive and the lawns under water. My husband keeps wondering how many plants will survive. We have lots of trees but even the willow is beginning to look water-logged.

A lot of the trouble is that we are on the edge of heathland which is just slightly “uphill”. Former neighbours cut down a lot of trees and then promptly sold the place leaving our present neighbours with a bit of a problem.

Why do people feel the urge to chop down trees? I can understand if the roots are giving trouble but it is still sad to see really old oak trees being levelled by people who are just property developers.

Rant over!

It’s still wet, wet, wet!

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So soorry for you Eirlys. If the developers cut down trees that were over 3 years old, it was a legal offence.
Your local Council Tree Office have the power to make them replace those trees with young ones.

24 Dec, 2012


Not long stopped here and, like you the ground is saturated and the ditches are streams, they seem to think that the worst is over for a while.....I do hope so

24 Dec, 2012


Merry Christmas :o)
And here's hoping for better weather next year !

24 Dec, 2012


Dianebulley: Yes, new owners have planted trees and shrubs as the place looked so bare. Should help.

Pamg: We need some weeks of dry weather here so that's good news.

Hywel: Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

26 Dec, 2012


Diloch yn fawr ! :o)

26 Dec, 2012

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